Series and movies you should watch in Autumn

It is autumn and in my opinion, Autumn is a great season to get cosy and make the best of it. Of course, we are staying inside because it is getting colder and it is raining more often. But staying inside does not have to be boring. There are tons of things you can do inside. One of the things is watching television. These days I am mostly watching Netflix, but there are tons of streaming services these days. But what are you going to watch? I’ll help you out because I have made a list of series and movies you should watch in Autumn.

Series and movies you should watch in Autumn


Virgin River
When I think of autumn, I think about spending time in nature. I think about getting cosy and one series that definitely can give you that feeling is Virgin River. Mel leaves Los Angeles and comes to virgin river. She is going to live in a super cosy and cute cabin. And just the whole vibe screams cosiness, besides all the drama. There is a lot of drama going on in that small town.

Gilmore Girls
I think Gilmore Girls is still one of the most popular series to watch in Autumn. It is like an unwritten rule, you start watching it at the beginning of autumn. It is definitely a great comfort series, the characters will become your friends/family. At least, that is how it feels like. And in Stars Hollow, they have a lot of crazy events and crazy people walking around. Everyone in it is great and makes the series even better.

Autumn is one of those seasons, you want to watch a more comfy series. Friends is definitely one of them. The episodes are short too, so you can quickly watch an episode every day. It is funny, it has a great intro song that you don’t want to skip and it can also be very relatable.

Fate: The Winx saga
A new relative new series on Netflix. The first season came out more than a year ago and they just released season two. We all remember the cartoon about the Winx girls, but this series is a live-action series. I think Musa is definitely my favourite, she is pretty cool. Bloom on the other hand can be pretty annoying and selfish, so just ignore her. But other than that, I really liked the second season. They are fairies and they have to protect themselves against their enemies.


The Notebook
Do you want to get a good cry? You should watch one of the Nicholas Sparks movies. The Notebook is the most popular one of course and this story is so beautiful and also a little bit sad, especially the ending. It follows the love story of two people, but one is rich and the other one not. And not everyone thinks they should be together.

Pride and Prejudice
My favourite romance movie is definitely Pride & prejudice. I love the whole setting. I remember years ago, I thought I would hate this movie. One night I was bored and decided to watch it and I loved it. It is one of those movies I can watch over and over again.

Eat, Pray, Love
Or maybe you want to watch something that might be life-changing for you too. This is definitely a movie that will make you think if you are really happy and if you should change your life too. This movie is based on a true story(book) and it is very inspirational. It makes you want to travel to Italy and eat pizza/pasta every day and find the love for life again.

Maid in Manhattan
I just love older movies and I really liked the movies with Jennifer Lopez in them. This is just one of them, but it might be my favourite. She is a maid in a fancy hotel, but she tries on some fancy clothes from a woman who is staying there. She meets a guy and he thinks she is also staying at the hotel. They spend the afternoon together and later he invites her over. But someone else shows up. It is really funny and romantic.

One of the most popular movies ever made and it is still iconic. Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd did a great job in this movie. The outfits are also iconic too. They even used it as an inspiration for a new Netflix movie ‘Do revenge‘.

Mean Girls
Another iconic movie is definitely mean Girls. And they mentioned October 3rd in the movie, so of course, I had to add it. Cady is new at a school and she and two other kids, she is trying to bring down the popular girls in school because they are mean. But eventually, she becomes the mean girl herself.

Look both ways
This movie is pretty new on Netflix, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. The movie is about a student who thinks she might be pregnant. From there are two storylines: in one story she gets pregnant and in the other story it was a false alarm. I really this movie concept and it did not disappoint me at all.

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