6 reasons why confidence makes your life better

Have you ever had a moment when you felt so confident? You felt like you were on top of the world and huge problems were not an issue for you. I have those moments too. In those moments I feel amazing and I feel like the best version of myself. We all want to feel confident, but why? I give you 6 reasons why confidence makes your life better. I know, it takes a lot of time to work on yourself but it will be worth it.

6 reasons why confidence makes your life better

It helps you to make your own choices
Somehow it is easier to make choices when you are feeling confident. And I am not just talking about what you want to eat for dinner kind of choices but also bigger life choices. What kind of job do you want. When we feel insecure, we tend to listen to what other people are saying and we are following them instead of listening to what WE want. You start to make better choices that will make you feel happier.

It helps to stand up for yourself
When you feel bad about yourself, you are less likely to stand up for yourself. When you feel confident, it feels you can conquer the world. So if you have issues at work or somewhere else, you will stand up for yourself. Especially when they are wrong.
Note: Even when you are confident and you know they are wrong, sometimes it is better for you to let them win. Sometimes a discussion is not worth it.

No more self-doubt
When you are feeling low, you have all of those thoughts that are not really helping you. But when you feel good and confident, you will get more thoughts like these. It is the law of attraction. If you feel good, you will get more thoughts that will make you feel good. If you feel bad, you will thoughts that are not helping you and you will feel worse. So if you feel confident, you have great thoughts about yourself. Even when someone else is talking badly about you, you will feel confident and you don’t doubt yourself.

You are glowing
Do you know those people who walk into the room and everyone looks and everyone wants to be friends with this person? Some people have this natural glow because they feel happy and confident. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a natural glow? I think people who have this, are the most beautiful people in the world. Not because they have the perfect face, but because they are glowing.

You feel happier
I said that feeling confident gives me that ‘I am on top of the world’ kind of feeling and that feeling is amazing. When I have those moments, I feel so happy. In my own experiences, confidence and feeling happy go hand in hand. And who doesn’t want to feel happier? It doesn’t mean you will feel happy all the time, but overall your happiness increases.

Easier to step out of your comfort zone
Our comfort zone feels safe and predictable and we (especially our brains) love that. Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary. But expanding our comfort zone is sometimes necessary. And I think this works both ways. First, it is easier to step out of your comfort and do these ‘scary’ things when you are feeling confident. But if you step out of your comfort zone, it can also increase your confidence. So that is immediately my best tip to increase your confidence. Do things that scare you and expand your comfort zone.

Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash



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