My plans for the summer | 2022

If you’ve read my other blog post about Happy Girl Summer, you will know that I am using this summer to become the best version of myself. But that does not mean I am meditating all day long. I still want to do fun things and a part of my Happy Girl summer is that I want to get over my fears and social anxiety too. I really like the summer, because it is the best season to spend more time outside and there is always so much to do during the summer. Right now, I haven’t planned a week (or two) off, maybe that will change. But if I decided to take a vacation later this year, I am okay with it too. I will still have enough time to do fun things.

My plans for the summer

Spending more time in nature. I want to stop working on the weekends, so I will have more time to spend in nature.
Shopping trips. In my Happy Girl Summer, I also talked about how I want to dress more confident, maybe wear more dresses, skirts, flared jeans and t-shirt bodies.
Creating content. Yes, even in summer I liked to create content for my blog and social media platforms. It is just my hobby.
Eat healthier. Another goal of mine is to stop eating junk food all the time and start eating more veggies and fruit.
Be more active. More dance parties, more walking and finding a sport I actually enjoy.
Baking and trying new recipes. Yes, summer is not really the baking summer, but there are a few things I would like to try.
Reading. I have a very long list of books I want to read this summer.
Writing. I am working on a story/book and I want to spend more time writing this story.
Discovering new places/hotspots. Maybe I find a beautiful place in nature to have lunch or maybe I find a new favourite city.
Make mocktails. I’ve never really tried it, but I would like to try to make some mocktails.
Trip to the Ikea. Already looking around for new things I need for my apartment. I keep an eye on deals, but I also want to make a trip to the Ikea and probably buy a few things.
Meet new people. I am going, to be honest, and say I barely have friends and sometimes I feel lonely. I would like to meet new friends.
Getting out of my comfort zone. I have social anxiety and I avoid certain places because I don’t want to get a panic attack. But I am going to take more risks this summer and get over my fears. After the pandemic, I get easily overwhelmed, so I do this step by step. Every time I go a little step further.

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