Reasons why I like summer

It is almost summer and I am pretty excited about it. I have great plans for the summer and I can’t wait to have an amazing summer. There are so many reasons to love summer and today I will give you a few reasons why I like summer. Maybe you are also a fan of this season or maybe you are more a winter person and you need to hear these reasons to appreciate the summer more.

Reasons why I like summer

Long summer nights
In the winter it gets dark around 4 pm, but in the summer it does not get really dark until 11:30 or later. Those nights are my favourite nights. I love to spend those nights outside, walking around and maybe reading a bit outside if that is possible. I love those quiet summer nights. Especially after a long hot day, when it starts to cool down in the evening. It is just perfect. I love how quiet everyone and everything is.

The weather
My least favourite season is winter because it is always so cold, but most of the time the weather in summer (and sometimes spring too) is just perfect. It is warm enough to spend more time outside, even in the late evening. The sunny weather also motivates me to be more active and do fun things.

Summer fruit
Sure, you can buy strawberries basically all year long, but summer is the best season to buy fruit. During the winter, they import fruit from all over the world, which makes it more expensive and maybe even less tasty. But during summer, you can buy fruit that grew in your own country. Which is also better for the environment and your bank account. Or maybe you can even grow your own strawberries, raspberries and other things in your own garden. Then they are also free from pesticides.

Mocktails & food
Food in summer taste just better. When I think of summer, I also think about those summer evening when everyone comes together after a long day and just eat. Or maybe invite friends and family over for a barbecue party on a Saturday. But during summer, I also eat differently than in winter. I eat way more salads and fruit. I suddenly get in the mood to make my own mocktails (cocktails without the alcohol).

Spending time at the beach and in nature
The weather is good most of the time during the summer and on those beautiful warm days, it is just nice to go to the beach or spend some time in nature. I wish I lived closer to the beach so I could do my summer evening walks on the beach. And when it is too warm, I can always spend time in nature. It is so much cooler in the woods than in the city centre.

Wearing dresses
As I said, I get cold pretty quickly so I won’t see myself wearing a lot of dresses in the winter. But it is actually nice to wear dresses. When I was younger I did not like to wear dresses but I am starting to like them and I am starting to feel extremely confident in certain dresses.

People are more relaxed
Have you ever noticed people are more relaxed and happier when it is a sunny day? Back in the day when I worked in a store, I already noticed people are a lot more friendly on a sunny day. I also noticed a difference in my mood when the sun is shining or not.

Holiday feeling
Even when I still have to work during the summer, I get the holiday feeling. I think it is a combination of happy people, the weather and everything feels different and alive. It is a great feeling and I wish I always could feel like this. That is why I don’t mind working during the summer. Everything just feels different and better.

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