What to do when you’re feeling stuck

Have you ever been feeling stuck or maybe you clicked on this article because you are feeling stuck right now? Maybe all of your days look the same and you are living on autopilot. It is okay to stay in the same place for a while but eventually, you want to go forward and grow as a person. When that does not happen, you start feeling stuck. But how do you fix it? What to do when you’re feeling stuck? There are different ways to get unstuck. The most important thing is that you become somebody else. Stop doing the same things every single day.

What to do when you’re feeling stuck

Stop doing things on autopilot
Doing things on autopilot can be helpful when you are driving. You have done it over and over again and you don’t have to think about it too much. But when we live on autopilot each day, we do the exact same things, in the same way, each day. Eventually, you are feeling stuck. Stop doing things on autopilot. Practice mindfulness while you’re cooking or grocery shopping.

Have a goal
Another reason why you are feeling stuck is that you don’t know where you want to go. People grow up, graduate, get a job and start a family. But those things shouldn’t be your only goals in life and not everyone wants to start a family. The good news is there are so many goals you can achieve in life. Maybe you want to speak French fluently or start your own business. You can have smaller goals too. Maybe you want to learn how to run a 10k. As long you have a goal in life, you are giving yourself a direction.

Take responsibility
You can always blame others or things that you are stuck in this life you don’t want (anymore), but the only person who is responsible for your life is you. You are the only person who is in control of your OWN actions. Take responsibility and go for it. Stop wasting time because you are not in the mood to do certain things. Get up and do it.

Take care of your mental health
When you are feeling depressed or have other mental health issues then it might be harder to change Change is never easy. When you are dealing with mental health issues, life looks even worse. No matter what your situation is, it is always important to take care of your mental health. When I had social anxiety, I was afraid to go outside, and obviously, I started to feel stuck. Not saying, you have to push yourself non-stop. Take small steps! It might be easier than pushing yourself to do something big.

Smaller goals/steps
Sometimes we set huge goals for ourselves and that is totally fine, but don’t forget to split those goals up into smaller goals. Maybe you want to learn a new language, learn first how to introduce yourself in that language. Or when you want to start a new business, set smaller goals like making a logo, website, etc. Maybe your goal is to earn 50K-100K in a year, try to earn a little bit more money first.

Enjoy the journey
I think another reason why we feel stuck is that we go from one goal to another goal. And sometimes it takes longer to achieve a goal, which can make you feel you have nothing to celebrate and it can make you feel stuck. But that is not true! When you have a goal, the journey of working towards that goal is just as fun as achieving a goal. This way it is also easier to achieve something. Some people give up very easily when they are only working so they can achieve that goal. Enjoy the process too!

Don’t give up
Maybe you’ve had a goal, but after a few weeks you gave it up. This happens to a lot of people, especially when the new year comes around. They have big dreams and they start really motivated. But you get that motivational feeling because you are starting something new. Starting something new is exciting and cool, but after a few weeks the newness is gone, and gone is also your motivation. That is the moment when people give up. When this happens a lot and you constantly have to start over, you can feel stuck because you are not getting further than the first few weeks. Just don’t give up. Write yourself a letter with the reason why you are doing this, so you can read it on tough days. Put reminders everywhere or maybe treat yourself when you have been working on your goals all week. Maybe you want to watch a movie in the cinema or go on a city trip. This might give you extra motivation

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