Never have I ever – Season 2

Title: Never have I ever Season 2
Actors: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet and more
Director: Kabir Akhtar, Anu Valia
Writers: Lang Fisher, Mindy Kaling and more
Genre: Drama, Teen
My Rating: 7.5/10

Never have I ever

At the end of season 1, Devi said goodbye to her dad officially and spread out his ashes. Not much later, she was making out in the car with Ben. But the thing is that Devi also has a crush on Paxton.
In this season, there is a new Indian girl at school. Devi immediately sees her as a threat. Especially because she is showing interest in Ben. But Devi has to find out who is she going to date? Ben or Paxton? Or maybe both?


When I started to watch this series, I thought it was something for teens and not adults. But somehow I like the narrating. Normally, I don’t like that. But I guess it really depends on the narrator. Because I like the narrator of ‘Bridgerton’ too. This season, we have one episode with Gigi Hadid as a narrator which was cool. But I prefer John McEnroe. He is way funnier.

This season Devi has to make a choice, well at first she thought she had to pick Paxton or Ben. But eventually, she decides to date them both. Which was the worst decision because Devi really hurt the boys. So she went from 2 lovers to a lot of haters. Luckily, she makes a decision eventually. Not sure how I feel about this decision though. Is this really the right person for her?

Devi is the kind of girl who does things before she thinks and that is not making her life easier. She hurt two boys and also her best friends. But Devi really tries to improve herself and she tries to stop making those stupid decisions. But she is only a teenager. I think you have to make those mistakes at that age because you will learn from them. That is why I think this will be relatable to many people. although it is very easy to hate this Devi character, I have to admit. She does not think before she says anything and she is pretty selfish, entitled and has a bad attitude. But somehow I am still not annoyed by her behaviour.

The acting was good and I liked the new girl Aneesha. She is great too. And can’t wait to see and find out her whole storyline. We just got to know her a little bit. I think they picked the right people for the right roles.

This is just the perfect series for teenagers, but also older people will be entertained. I like this series too and I am far in my twenties.



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