My Wishlist #1

It is almost my birthday and I have made a wishlist for myself of things I want to have. I also already thinking about my new apartment, which I hope to find very soon. I am already thinking about the style I want to have in the living room etc. So this wishlist is not just for things I want to get for my birthday but it also includes a few things for my new apartment.

My wishlist

1. Books
It is my birthday tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it. I am turning 30 this year, but the thing I am asking for every year is gift cards for books. I still have so many books on my wishlist that I want to read, but one of them is the new book by Ali Hazelwood called ‘Under one roof’. At the beginning of this year, I read ‘The love Hypothesis’ and that book was just incredible. I might have found a new favourite author.

Buy ‘Under one roof’ by Ali Hazelwood on Amazon.

2. Comfy chair
I do not have found the specific chair I want to have, but it will be something like this one. I want to move to the other side of the country and when I do that, I need new furniture. I already know what kind of style/vibe I want to create in my new apartment and this chair will be perfect for it. I think this is also a great place to read all of my books. Hopefully, I will find the perfect one very soon.

3. Ladyshave
I have been using single-use razors since I started shaving but lately, I also have been making some changes. I already started using reusable cotton pads and now I want to make another change. I think a lady shave is so much better for the environment. No more plastic and those blades that I had to throw away every single time. I also noticed that those single-use razors were not of great quality anymore. Half of the hairs are still on my legs after using those razors. I am still reading reviews so I can make my final decision.

4. Cat hanging planter
I have a lot of plants and the other day I was at the HEMA, which is a Dutch store and they had this super cute cat hanging planter. I love cats and this would look so super cute. Most of my interior is more modern and very basic. No crazy decorations, so this would also really stand out.

5. Pillows
I also found these pillows and the stores have them in all kinds of colours, but I am hoping I can find these or maybe the offwhite ones. They will look great on my bed as decoration. I was still looking for something like this. This will also look great with the new duvets I am going to buy.

6. Selfie Tripod with a ring light
I post on TikTok every single day and right now I am using a chair and books as a tripod, but it is a lot of work to do that every day. A tripod would be easier. You can set it up in a few seconds and you can use the ring light when it is still a bit dark. Which is nice to have in the darker months.



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