My Autumn 2021 to-do list

It is autumn and I can already tell that this is a different season. The mornings are pretty chilly and the sun goes down very early these days. So it is time for a new season and autumn is the perfect season to get cosy. We are going to spend more time inside and enjoy this part of the year. When you say Autumn, I think of pumpkin, blankets, beautiful nature and so much more. This year, I decided to make a to-do list of the things I want to do this year in autumn. Since this year, I am really getting into making lists so I had to make a list for autumn right? This is my autumn 2021 to-do list.

Before I share my list, I would like to mention that this is basically a part of my to-do list. I also want to go to Amsterdam, but I don’t know if I will have the time for it and I also have no idea what I want to do in Amsterdam yet.

My Autumn 2021 to-do list

1, Make vega(n) lasagna. I like Italian food a lot, but there is a lot of cheese in lasagna and I can’t handle that. So I want to make a safe lasagna for me without the cheese.
2. Go shopping for autumn/winter clothes. Currently, I have a lot of summer items in my closet but I can’t wear that in the colder months. So I am ready to go shopping for warmer items and a pair of black jeans (I have to replace my old ones).
3. Try Pumpkin Spice latte. I have never tried anything with pumpkin. I grew up in a house where they didn’t like to try new things. Now I trying a lot of things. And pumpkin spice latte is the next item on my list.
4. Decorate for Autumn/Halloween. I want to make my studio cosier and more autumnal. I want to come home in a super cosy studio.
5. Read 15 books. Last week, I already shared which books I want to read this Autumn. Click here for the blog.
6. Connect with more people. During the pandemic it was hard to connect, then it was overwhelming to see a lot of people. But now I am ready to be more social.
7. Create more time for self-care. This doesn’t just mean, I am going to use body lotion every day. I am talking about self-improvement. I am doing this ‘May cause miracles course’ by Gabby Bernstein and I want to start meditating now and then. I just want to take time to improve myself, so I won’t feel stuck.
8. Have a Halloween movie day. I am going to do this at the weekend and I am just going to have a lot of fun watching those creepy movies, hopefully.
9. Christmas shopping. I want to do this right after Halloween. I want to decorate everything and buy something nice for myself too.
10. Marie Kondo my life. Because I can really use this. I love to organize things, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
11. Take more time off to have more fun. I am always thinking about work and I need to take more time to do other things and just to have fun.
12. Spend more time outside and drink hot chocolate afterwards. Nothing is better than this.
13. Bake something. Autumn is really the baking season and make a chocolate bark.
14. Create your own hygge moment/life. Let’s get really cosy and enjoy this season with candles, blankets and a book to read.
15. Find a new hobby. I don’t have a lot of hobbies at the moment. One of the hobbies I have right now is reading, but that means I am staring at screens for too many hours a day. I need to find an offline hobby.
16. Make a wishlist for Christmas. And hopefully, Santa Claus will read it and give me something. (wishful thinking). We don’t really celebrate Christmas with gifts here in the Netherlands.
17. Go to the garden centre and try not to buy too many plants. But look for autumn decoration.
18. A wellness day at home. This includes face masks, footbaths and just everything. I already have a day in mind, because there is one week where I am extremely busy in October. So I want to do this on the Saturday after that busy week.
19. Buy a new journal for next year. I think I want to use a bullet journal again next year. I still have to figure out the layout and everything. But this is something I can do in the upcoming months.
20. Take photos because nature is so beautiful in autumn.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash



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