Midnight at the magnolia | Movie review


Title: Midnight at the magnolia
Actors: Natalie Hall, Evan Williams, Alison Brooks
Director: Max McGuire
Writers: Carley Smale
Genre: Romance
My rating: 3/10

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Midnight at the magnolia

Maggie and Jack have been best friends since they were little. Their parents are best friends, so it made sense that they grew up with each other. Now they have their own show on the radio. For their show, they want to do something big for New year’s Eve. It is time that their partners are going to meet their parents, live on the radio. But then their parents break up with them.


A couple of years ago, I could watch Hallmark movies for hours. But maybe this is a great moment to say that I don’t like them as much anymore. Midnight at the Magnolias feels like a Hallmark movie but was produced by Netflix.

Some Hallmark movies are okay, but you can see that they didn’t spend a lot of money. Sometimes the decor is really bad and sometimes it is really bad because of the actors. This time it was the actors. I wanted to stop watching this movie several times. There were a few actors in this movie who were just saying their lines out loud without any emotion at all. It felt forced and fake.

This story is just like the other Hallmark and romance movies, which is predictable. But that is just what you can expect with a romance movie. You know that they are going to end up with each other. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a romance movie. But in this movie it was too obvious they would end up with each other.

At the beginning of this movie, they both are dating someone. But if you see how Jack and Maggie are acting around each other, it looks like they are already a couple. They are too close as best friends (how they look at each other, hug, etc.) Luckily their partners also realize this and they break-up. But the relationship between Maggie and Jack was just a little bit too much. They were trying too hard. But there was just no chemistry.

And I do like cheesy romance/Christmas movies every now and then, but this movie was just not it. I think this is the review with the lowest rating ever.

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