Christmas books you should read in 2020

It is almost time for Christmas and most of us have more free time on their hands for other fun things. One of the things I like to do is reading and around the Holidays I love to read Christmas themed books. These are the Christmas books you should read in 2020

Christmas books you should read in 2020

A Virgin River Christmas – Robyn Carr: Virgin River is very popular these days because of Netflix. You probably bingewatched the second season recently, so you have to wait for more of Virgin River. But luckily, there are many Virgin River books. And one of them is Christmas themed. Buy on Amazon or Book Depository.
The Twelve dates of Christmas- Jenny Bayliss: I just love this cover and that is also one of the reasons why I really want to read it too this Christmas. Romance and Christmas is a great combination. Kate is signing up with a Dating agency, that promise you will find love before Christmas.  Buy on Amazon or Book Depository.
In a Holidaze – Christina Lauren: I love Christina Lauren’s books, so I had to include this book too. This book is a mix of Love actually and Groundhog day. Both great movies, so it sounds very promising. Buy on Amazon or Book Depository.

The Tourist Attraction – Sarah Morgenthaler: Sounds like a very cute and romantic story, set in Alaska. This story of Alaska marries together all the things you didn’t realize you needed a whirlwind vacation, a friendly moose, a grumpy diner owner, a quirky tourist, plenty of restaurant humor, and a happy ending that’ll take you away from it all. Actually, it sounds a little bit like the ‘Leap year’ movie. Buy on Amazon or Book Depository.
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas – Lizzie Shane: Are you a dog lover? This book might be the perfect book for you then. It is about an animal shelter and Ally has to find a home for 12 dogs. Buy on Amazon or Book Depository
The Christmas Invitation – Trisha Ashley: Meg is not in a Christmas mood and she is going to spend Christmas in the snowy countryside. Arriving at a warm and cosy family home in a small hilltop village, Meg soon begins to wonder what a proper Christmas might be like. But just as she’s beginning to settle in, she spots a familiar face. Lex. Buy on Amazon or Book Depository.

.Which one is on your wishlist?



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