Life is too short for..

Life is beautiful but it can also be short. Older people are regretting things the things they didn’t do.  And we people also like to waste our time on things. And sometimes it is a good thing because we can learn from it. But sometimes we need a reminder that we need to stop wasting our precious time on those things.

This reminder is for you.

Life is too short for….

Caring too much about if your new photo will fit in your insta feed. 

We care too much about our social media platforms. Who cares if your photo doesn’t fit in your aesthetic Instagram feed? It is your Instagram and it is your decision if you want to post that photo or not. Stop caring about what other people are thinking and if this photo will get enough likes. It is just a waste of time. If you want to share it, then just share it. And don’t delete the photo later because it didn’t get hundreds of likes.

We should stop caring about the numbers right now.

Friends who aren’t really your friends and who are just using you if they need you.

I think everyone has (had) experience with friends like this. Those kinds of friends who only call you when they need you and when you need your friends, they are too busy to care. Or those friends who laugh about you behind your back. Get rid of these friends as soon as possible. You deserve better friends. You deserve friends who really care and who are there for you when you need them.

Thinking about what everyone else is thinking about you.

What really matters is how YOU think about yourself. Do you like yourself? It all starts with self-love. And most of the time they are not even thinking about you, but they think about themselves. For example, if you had an awkward moment in public today, do you really think that everyone is still thinking about that a couple of hours later? And yet here you are, worrying about the people who you don’t even know you.

To be insecure

You are good enough. I get that sometimes you can feel insecure sometimes. We all have our own insecurities. Maybe it is because of your body or maybe you are afraid that you will never be a great artist or you afraid that you will never be smart or funny enough. But don’t let it affect your whole life. 

Every morning, say positive things about yourself in the mirror.

Waiting for the perfect moment

Waiting for the right moment to do something is probably the worst thing you can do in life. Why do you want to wait to start following your dreams? If you want to start a business, start now! If you want to ask someone out on a date, do it now.

The only ‘perfect moment’ is NOW. Stop waiting! You can do this.

Doing things you don’t like to do

There are a couple things you have to do in life: go to school, find a job and maybe household chores. But that is it. And you can even choose your own job. So why would you wasting a lot of time doing things you don’t like to do. If you don’t like your job, try to find a new one. Or when you are not in the mood going out with friends, then stay home. It is your life. Do what makes YOU happy.



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