How to stay warm this winter

It is November and it is getting colder again. Some people like the cold, while others have trouble keeping themselves warm. But what if you also struggle to pay your gas bills? Or when you don’t want to turn on the heating all the time because you want to save money and the climate? Maybe you don’t want to turn on the heating, just for an hour. There are many ways to keep yourself warm, even in the winter.

How to stay warm this winter

I love blankets a lot. I currently have one that is very warm and it is amazing. I never get cold when I am using it. Hopefully, it will keep me warm when it gets colder too. Buy a blanket and use it at night instead of turning on the heating. I come home around 8 pm and it sounds ridiculous to turn on the heating for just 1 hour when it is not really necessary. So instead I use blankets to keep me warm. It is also very cozy!

I always make sure I have enough warm fuzzy socks for when I am at home. When my feet/hands are cold, I feel cold so I make sure my hands and feet are warm. You can easily wear extra thick house socks at home that will keep your feet warm. If you always have cold feet, try to wear an extra layer. So one normal pair of socks + those extra warm fuzzy socks.

A lot of layers
It is all about layers in the winter. You can still get cold when you are just wearing one layer, even when it is a warm jumper The colder it gets the more layers you can wear. And yes, you can still look fabulous while wearing several layers! Sometimes under jumpers, I wear shirts with long sleeves to keep myself warm. Layers keep the warmth, just using one layer will lose most of the warmth very fast.

I see people wearing shirts with short sleeves in the winter, while they turn on the heating. But my rule is always to put a jumper (aka sweater) on first before I turn on the heating. Make sure the jumpers are thick enough to keep you warm. These days you also have jumpers made from very thin material that definitely will not keep you warm. It does not have to be expensive, you can easily find and buy new jumpers at the thrift store. Especially right now, when it is colder.

Hot water bottle
When it is really cold at night in your bedroom, you can make a hot water bottle just to make your bed a little bit warmer. Just make a hot water bottle before you go to bed, so it will be warm when you actually go to bed. And when you eventually fall asleep, you don’t realize how cold or warm it is.

Thermal underwear/leggings
This does not sound very sexy and charming, but it is a must-have for when it is really cold and you have to go outside. But it can also be helpful to add another extra warm layer to stay warm inside. These days you also have thermal leggings with velvet fabric and those look pretty nice. It is something you totally can wear as normal sports leggings with a long shirt/jumper.

Drink tea/hot chocolate
Do you have cold hands right now and do you also feel cold in general? Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm yourself up. This will make you feel warmer on the inside. While you are keeping your mug in your hands, you keep your hands warm too. It is a win-win situation.

If you have pets and they like to cuddle, use them and keep each other warm. Sometimes I have to babysit (or catsit) and I realize how warm you get, just from cuddling with pets. Sit on the couch, use a blanket (cats will love it), and just cuddle your cat until you are warm!

Move your body
My favorite way to keep myself warm is to move my body. Every time I get cold when I work from home, I get up and just do something else. Sometimes I turn on music and dance, other times I quickly clean something. Maybe you can go outside and go out for a walk. That will make you feel warm again, even when it is really cold outside because the moment you step inside again you realize your house is still pretty warm.

Wear a beanie.
You lose 20% of the warmth through your head. So keep your head warm this winter! If you have long hair like me, it is easier to keep your head warm. But if you don’t have thick long wavy hair like me, there are other solutions to keep your head warm. You can just simply wear a beanie.

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