A Jazzman’s Blues | Movie review

Title: A Jazzman’s Blues
Actors: Joshua Boone, Amirah Vann, Solea Pfeiffer
Director: Tyler Perry
Writers: Tyler Perry
Genre: Drama
My Rating: 6.5/10

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A Jazzman’s blues

Bayou lives with his brother Willie Earl and their parents and he falls for Leanne. Bayou’s father and Willie Earl do not like Bayou and they absolutely think he has no chance with her. But Leanne falls for him too, but they keep their romance a secret. Then Leanne moves away and Bayou writes her letters every single day. A few years later, they see each other again. Leanne is now together with the major and everyone thinks she is white. So she can not be seen with Bayou at all, but that is hard when you love each other.


This was one of the movies I wanted to see and I finally made some time to watch it. And I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was a great (but sad) story about love but also racism. The costumes were great and the actors did a really great job too. I also liked the music in this movie, it made me wanna dance. I don’t listen to Jazz a lot, but I think it is a beautiful music genre.

Even though my first thought was the movie was pretty good. Maybe not the best movie, but I sort of enjoyed watching it. But after the movie, I still had a couple of questions and there were a few little things that I did not like about this movie.

The movie was maybe a little bit too long, it could have been shorter. But I have noticed that Netflix movies are getting longer these days, but sometimes it is just too long. This movie was over 2 hours and I prefer movies that are 1.5 hours long. But I think this is just a personal preference.

At the beginning of the movie Bayou (Joshua Boone) is witness to Leanne getting raped. But I am a little bit confused about that part. What was the point of that exact scene? They never brought it up ever again. So I think they could have skipped it.

And I am saying this way too often in a movie review, but the ‘kids’ who are playing Bayou and Willie Earl look way too old to be 16. They look like they are in their twenties. I just wonder why they never cast younger movies for those roles. It annoys me when a 30-year-old plays a 15-year-old.

But all of those things were the things I thought about after watching this movie. There was one thing that annoyed me while I was watching this movie. The movie begins with an old woman who goes to the major and she gives him letters and says it is about a murder. That part ruined the whole movie because now I knew someone was going to die and it was also very obvious who it was since this movie was about Bayou. Why would someone give away the ending of the movie at the beginning of the movie? I was now just watching this movie for the story leading up to that moment. It would have been better without telling about the murder at the beginning of the movie. It would have been more shocking.

Overall, this movie was good, but not great. I think the beginning could have been better, but after that, it gets better and better. I still liked the movie.



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