How to make your Monday a little bit better

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Are you that person who wakes up on Monday morning full of energy and ready for the rest of the week? Or are you that person who complains the whole day about the fact it’s Monday. I am stuck in the middle but I try to be more positive about Mondays. Yes, I think weekends are a little bit short, and before I know it the weekend is over, but I am not complaining.

There are ways to make you Monday a little bit better. So you will wake up a little bit more excited on Mondays.

How to make your Monday a little bit better

Plan something fun

You probably have to work all day before you finally get some time for yourself, but when you are done working for the day you can do something for yourself. Plan something nice. Do you want to eat at a restaurant? Make a reservation. Or maybe you just want to eat pizza and read books. It doesn’t matter as long you are doing something that you actually like.

Start your day right

If you start your day right, the rest of the day will be easier too. If you stay in bed until you really have to wake up, otherwise you will be late for work, you have to hurry and everything goes wrong. So wake up early, make your favorite breakfast, do a meditation to get in the right mindset, and read in your favorite book.

Make a delicious lunch

I am not sure about the rest of the world, but here in the Netherlands, we eat bread with cheese or hagelslag for lunch. Which is super boring, especially when you eat it every single day. Treat yourself with a delicious lunch. Make wraps or a pasta salad. Or just bring your favorite snack.

Wear your favorite outfit

If there is not a dress code at your work, wear your favorite outfit. Of course, you still have to look professional, so don’t wear your PJ’s to your work. Unless you work from home of course. But just wear your favorite jeans and shirt and wear a little bit of make-up to make it a little bit more special. Put in some extra effort to look nice. Because when I wear my favorite outfit, I feel more confident.

Think more positively

The reason why you don’t like Mondays is probably because of your mindset. If you have the right mindset, almost nothing can bother you anymore and you feel more alive. If you are constantly thinking that Mondays are stupid, you will see the evidence. You spill coffee on your favorite shirt or someone is not very nice to you. What you focus on, is what you attract (also known as the law of attraction) and it is always working. Just like gravity, it is always working. So it is better to make your life awesome right? Work on your mindset and think/feel more positive. And you will see that Mondays aren’t that bad.

And if you still think Mondays are bad, try to find out why. Why do your Mondays suck? It is your job, your relationship, or maybe you have a depression? And try to find help for it or solve the problem, so you can make your life a little bit better and more fun. Because life should be fun and not torture.



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