How to level up in 2023

Just a few hours before the new year starts. Are you ready for the new year? Do you have any New year’s resolutions? It is always good to improve and challenge yourself. Staying the same person for months/years is not great. We need to make progress to feel good and stay happy. Staying the same person means you will feel stuck eventually. But you don’t have to set major goals for yourself. It can also include the little things. Today, I am telling you how to level up in 2023 so you can become the best version of yourself.

How to level up in 2023

Drink more water
Drinking water is healthy and good for you. Drink less stuff with too much sugar in it and drink more water. If you don’t drink enough water, you will feel dehydrated which leads to headaches, pain, and loss of focus. Your body is 70% water, so it makes sense to drink enough water every single day.

Read more
I like to read before I go to bed because that helps me to sleep a lot better. I fall asleep faster and the quality of my sleep is amazing. I always feel so full of energy in the morning. But when I watch tv in the evening, I feel terrible in the morning. Even when I get the same amount of sleep. But reading is also good for your brain because researchers say that this will reduce the chance of getting dementia in the future. And reading is also a lot of fun, you just have to pick the right book for you. If you have a certain goal for 2023, maybe you can find books about that or books that can help you with your mindset.

Spend more time offline
Looking at screens all day long is not great for your eyes, so makes the time you spend more time offline. Reduce the time you spend on your phone. Social media is very addictive, so be mindful of the amount of time you spend online. Spending too much time on social media is also linked to mental health illnesses. Plan the moments you can look at on social media. For example, you allow looking at social media for 10 minutes around lunchtime. When you do this, you will also realize that you don’t need those full 10 minutes to check your Instagram or TikTok. You will also have more time for other things. You will realize how much time you were actually spending on social media.

Make time for friends and friends
Focusing on your goals and work can be important, but it is also important to take time for others. And if you don’t have (a lot of) friends, maybe your new year’s resolution can be to make new friends. Join a gym or a different club to make new like-minded friends. Or maybe you can meet your online friends.


Prioritize your (mental) health
If you don’t feel great, you will perform less well. And sometimes that happens, but if it happens too often it is time to take care of yourself. Ask yourself if you’re sleeping well, do you eat healthily, and if you move your body every day. But self-care also means taking a nap during the day if you need it or cancelling your plans for one night. Listen to your body and what it needs. If you are taking care of yourself, you will feel better and it will be easier to feel happy and to focus on your goals.

Move your body
I was one of those people who hated working out and I thought it was not necessary because I was skinny. But exercising is good for everyone, no matter what your size is. When I exercise, I feel more energized, I have a better focus and I am more creative, which is very helpful when I have a problem. Exercising releases feel-good hormones too, which will make you feel better. You don’t have to go to the gym or buy expensive tools, you can also just walk for 30 minutes or longer.

Do more of what makes you happy
We all follow the same routine every single day. We wake up, get ready for work, work till we’re done and we get home, watch tv and go to bed. I can also see a lot of people just living on auto-pilot every single day. But that is not going to make us happier. They say that being mindful will make us happier. We should do something for fun each day and be very mindful each day. When you’re living in the moment, you’re paying attention to what is going around you at that moment. Suddenly you notice certain things that will make you happier.

Focus on your goals
Most people set goals for the new year in the first week is always easy. It is something new and exciting, but after a week it is not new anymore. That is the moment when you need your discipline. Ask yourself why you want to achieve this goal. Put it in your mirror and look at it every single day. Motivate yourself. Don’t get too distracted by something else. Watching tv is fine, but don’t do it every day or even all day long when you have goals.


Eat healthy
Junk food tastes really good. There is something in it, that makes us want to get more of it. When you eat an apple, you don’t have that feeling. But you know that apple is healthier than junk food. The best way is to eat before you go to the supermarket. When you are hungry, you want to buy more food and you pick the wrong foods too. Making a list before you go to the supermarket can help too, as long you stick to that list. so no impulse buying.


Stop complaining
Complaining is useless. There are two situations: the things you can change and the things you can’t. If you are complaining about something and you can change the situation, then change it instead of complaining. If you can’t change the situation, just let it go and focus on something else, something better. It is a waste of energy. Instead of using your energy for things you don’t like, you should use that energy for things you like to do.

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