How I prepare for my menstrual phase

Today´s post is a little bit personal, but I think it can also be helpful. It is about how I prepare for my menstrual phase. Every month it is a surprise how good I will feel during that time of the month. There was a time when I had extremely painful cramps every month. When you also experience this, you just want to lie down and do nothing. Sometimes it is even too painful to get up. That is why I always prepare for it, just in case. I make sure I don´t have to do too many things and that I don´t have to go to the store because I forget things.

If you don´t have a regular cycle, make sure you always have a ´survival´ kit at home.

How I prepare for my menstrual phase

Slow down
Doing too many things at your normal pace might be too much. I walk slower, I work slowly and just in general I slow down a little bit. I carefully listen to my body to see if I am going too fast. And sometimes I can do more, but normally I do fewer things for a few days. I am lucky that I have two jobs and at one job (my own business) I can decide when I work. My concentration levels are extremely low around that time of the month, so on other days I just do some extra work so I can take a few days off. Not everyone is this lucky, but if you can try it! Sometimes I still work a little, but that depends. At my other job, I have to show up every single day. But that is just for a few hours a day, so on those days I just slow down. 

One thing I have noticed is that when I have (light) cramps, the best medicine is a distraction. Most of the time this works for me. If I think about my painful cramps, it will get worse. Stress can also make it worse, that is why I distract myself. Everyone is different, but I prefer to watch Netflix when I have cramps. Reading is not always working for me, but a good movie or series does the trick for me. Find something that you like to do and that can also distract you from focusing on your cramps. So buy a few books at a thrift store, or reorganize your whole room.

Enough food & water
On the days before I get my period I get extremely hungry, but it is never the healthy kind of craving. I make sure that I have enough food in my kitchen, so I don’t have to go to the supermarket at all. I try to make the healthiest choices because healthy food is better if you have cramps. Junk food and products with a lot of sugar can worsen your cramps. But my rule is never to be too hard on yourself, so I still eat chocolate or crips. When I am on my period I try to be extra nice to myself, 

Enough Hygiene products
You don’t want to realize you don’t have enough hygiene products when you are already on your period and your cramps are super painful. You don’t want to go to the store when you have painful cramps. The week before my period, I always check everything to see if I have enough of everything, this also includes painkillers for when my period is too painful. 

Decrease stress
This is something that always should be your priority because experiencing stress all the time is not great for your body. Stress can make your period even worse and more painful. Distracting yourself is a good step in the right distraction. But working on your mindset can also be helpful and not just your period. Some people experience stress while others don’t, even when they are in the same situation. My advice is to go with the flow and change your perspective. I always thought that periods were terrible and ruining my days. But now I look at it differently, I now have time to watch a little bit of Netflix or read that book.

Prioritize self-care
I am always trying to be nice to myself in every single situation, but around that time of the month, I try to be extra nice. Sometimes I push myself to work hard, but on my period and the days before, I listen to my body and what it needs. If I notice I am exhausted, I just take a nap without trying to feel lazy. I use my favourite beauty products, facial masks, and body lotions. I even massage myself too. Your body knows what you need at this moment, so listen to it.

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