I wanna be where you are – Kristina Forest | Book Review

Title: I wanna be where you are
Author: Kristina Forest
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Genre: Teen
Pages: 272
My Rating: 7/10

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I wanna be where you are

Chloe Pierce loves ballet and wants to audition for a school in New York. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem is her mother won’t let her go. Then her mother’s boyfriend wins two tickets for a cruise and he takes Chloe’s mother. Her mother thinks that she is staying at her best friend’s house, but in reality, she is going to the audition. One problem is, Neighbour Eli needs a ride and he wants Chloe to take him to the train station. You might wonder what can happen right? It is just a 3-4 hour drive to D.C. Apparently everything can go wrong when you want to go somewhere.


Chloe Pierce is fierce, sorry I just had to say this. It rhymes, but it is also true. Chloe thinks she is not confident after her terrible accident a year ago, but honestly, I think she was super brave. Lying to your mother about the audition, and driving in a car when you are afraid to drive takes a lot of confidence. She was definitely more confident than she thought she was. And she is willing to fight for her dreams, even when her mother does not agree.

On the other hand, I think Eli was supposed to be the confident dude who does not care what everyone says. I think he was the insecure one. He was smoking, has been through a lot of things apparently and did not care about how he looked. I feel like that is sounds like someone who is insecure. But that is just my theory. 

Back to the story, I liked it. Chloe was willing to do anything to achieve her goals. That is impressive and inspiring. She is 17 and she knows what she wants. When I was 17, I still had no idea what I wanted and what I really liked. 
I don’t read a lot of Young Adults anymore because I moved on to New Adult/romances. These days, I sometimes think that some Young Adults are too childish or annoying. I guess that is the part of me growing up. Like if I still was 15 or something I would have liked YA a lot, but now I am twice that age I do not like it as much anymore.  But this one wasn’t childish at all. They were both pretty grown up, except for the lying part. But even adults lie all the time. 

I think this is a Young adult book I would recommend. It has a cute love story, it is about chasing your dreams, following your heart and taking risks. That is how life should be. It is an uplifting book. But I am wondering one thing and that is why parents never truly listen to their kids. Especially when they are older. Eli was 18 and Chloe 17, but their parents never listened to what they really wanted. They are not the boss of their kids, they are parents. There is a difference.

PS: I had absolutely no idea I bought this book. I suddenly found this on my e-reader, but I am happy I found it.



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