Happy New year (+ my goals for 2022)

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all have a great New Years Eve? It is now officially 2022, which feel good and exciting. Do you have any goals or plans for this year? I do! In my yesterday’s blog post I talked about how I had goals for 2021 but never really achieve them. It feels like I wasted a whole year, even though I learned so much! This year is going to be different. 

Happy new year

In 2022, I want to focus on improving my mood and having fun (while working on my business). And I am pretty excited. I am a believer of the Law of Attraction and I see evidence all around me, even for myself. But I’ve always put the goals first. I wanted to become a full-time content creator and that was what I was focusing on. That is not a bad thing, but if you are familiar with the Law of Attraction you know that feeling good is also very important if you want to manifest things. I was always so focused on my goals that I never listened to my body and the emotions I was feeling. The other day in December, I downloaded the emotional chart by Esther Hicks and that scale can help you to improve your mood step by step. You don’t go from despair to joy in one step. You go from the lowest state of being to the second-lowest state of being and so on.

Why am I doing this? Well, I think as long you are feeling joyful and happy, it does not matter what is going on in your environment. You feel happy for no reason. And of course, when you feel happy you can attract the good things. At this point I don’t even care anymore what those good things are, I will be happy with anything. Well, of course, bad things can still happen but apparently, it is easier to handle those things. There will be days when I still feel bad, but the last couple of years I’ve had more bad days than good days. Good days were very rare. Even the littlest thing could upset me.

But of course, I am also going to focus on my business. It is still a dream to become a full-time content creator and I started creating new content for 2022 in December. I am not going to do anything last-minute anymore, because that caused a lot of stress and I really want to enjoy the journey/process of building this business.

In 2021 I learned many things and I am grateful for that and I am going to use those lessons in 2022. I will stop wasting time on things I don’t like, which means I will have more time for myself, to read books, to create content and do fun stuff. In 2021 I had days when I wasted so many hours on TikTok, it was not okay. But somehow Tiktok is very addictive and before I know it, I am spending hours on my phone. It is not a healthy relationship anymore.

I also hope that I achieve the following things in 2022:
Finally find the dream appartment. My studio is way too small, it is basically just a room and the kitchen is too dark. The house market is a bit crazy at this moment, but I am still hopefull I find my dream appartment, whereever it is.
Become a full-time content creator. I am also very hopeful that this is the year that my business is going to take off and I am pretty excited about it.
Start writing. I am not sure what I want to write. Is it a book or a script? The only thing I know so far is that I am going to publish my work on Wattpad. But I will share more details in the future.
Relax and be patient. I am always in a hurry, even when I have the time. I just want to enjoy the moment.
Be more active. I want to do daily exercises or go out for a walk. Just simply move my body.
Make new friends. A lot of ‘friends’ disappeared and I just like having people around me.
Do fun things because life is too short for not having fun. I mean, I made a whole list of 23 things I want to do before 2023.
Cross everything off my 23 things before 2023 list. Some of the goals a pretty easy, others are big goals. Last year, I did not cross everything off my list, unfortunately. This year, I am hopeful I can do this.
Try more vegan food. Eating vegan does not mean it is always healthy, it still depends on the choices you make. There are tons of vegan pizza and hamburgers. But I want to try the more healthy side of the vegan lifestyle. And of course, every now and then I can try those Vegan junk food items too.
Read more books. I definitely want to read more books next year. I wasted a lot of time this year in the evening on TikTok. I am trying to change that and read a book instead. But I am not going to set a goal for myself. My GoodReads challenge will be set on 1 book for 2022. This way I don’t feel the pressure to read 100 books in one year.
Buy more new plants. I am a plant lover and when the Christmas tree is gone, I want to fill that empty space with a plant. I also would love to have hanging plants because they are so pretty too. But first, I have to find out what plans are easy to maintain because sometimes I give too much water and other times I completely forget to water them.

Again, I want to wish you a happy new year and I hope you will all of your dreams/goals this year too. You deserve to be happy too. I know you can do this! I believe in you. Let me know in the comment section what your goals are for this year.



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