23 things I want to do before 2023

Just a few days and the new year begins. I can’t believe we are already at the end of 2021. Time really flies, even during a pandemic. In 2021 I realized a lot of things and one of those things was I don’t want to waste my life any longer. I’ve been doing the same things over and over again and now it is time to shake a few things up. It is time to make my life a little bit more interesting again. I made myself a list of 23 things I want to do before 2023. And with this list, I can hopefully inspire you to make a list for yourself too. Because life is really too short for wasting your time and waiting for the perfect moment. The best time is to start right now.

23 things I want to do before 2023

1. Quit my job and become a full-time blogger/content creator. I want to start living my dream.
2. Step out of my comfort zone every single week. In November I had a breakdown and I realized I had to change. Since my burn-out/social anxiety disorder, I am scared to do anything. Which I don’t like. So I have to change.
3. Read 52-100 books. Last year I wanted to read 100 books which did not work out for me but I managed to read one per week. I am still aiming for 100 but I am okay if I read 52.
4. Read at least 5 books about self-improvement and the Law of Attraction. I am very interested in these two topics and it would be great to read more about them and use the tips in my daily life.
5. Try 10 new recipes. I like to try new things every now and then. It makes your life more interesting and trying new recipes is always a good idea. Maybe this way I will find something I will like, maybe I find my new favourite dish.
6. Go to a festival or concert. I can’t even remember the last festival or concert I’ve been to. It’s been a very long time.
7. Exercise 3 times per week. Exercising is great for your body and mindset. And this way I can still eat my favourite snacks every now and then without gaining too much weight.
8. Make city trips in my own country, the Netherlands. It’s been a while since the last time I visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
9. Buy three new plants. Just because I can and plants are pretty and fun to take care of.
10. Eat more vegan options. I still eat a lot of non-vegan cookies and snacks.
11. Go to a sporting event. Going to a football match of our national teams is still on my to-do list. I would love to see them (especially the women’s team) play.
12. Go to the cinema alone. Since the moment I decided to get Netflix, I haven’t been to the cinemas. Okay, they were also closed during the lockdown and there were hardly any new fun movies to see. But now there are new movies and I love the whole going to the cinema experience.
13. Start doing Random Acts of Kindness. The reason for this goal is because I think I can be a bitch and selfish sometimes and I want to change this. So I want to learn how to give someone a compliment or buy someone a gift for no reason.
14. Movie night. I love to watch movies, so I want to create a movie night once every two weeks.
15. Stop watching and reading the news. The news is never really positive and sometimes it can affect your mental health. I am not saying I am going to ignore the rest of the world and live in my own bubble. I will hear the most important things anyways.
16. Create more content, especially on YouTube. I’ve been neglecting my YouTube channel for the last couple of months. I am not sure why but I also think this has something to do with my laziness (sometimes) and my anxiety. So I want to create more videos this year. I am aiming to upload three times a week, but two is fine too if I am really too busy.
17. Do something fun for my birthday. For the last two years, I could barely invite any people to my birthday. But this year I want to do something fun. I am thinking about going to a theme park I’ve never been to before or maybe bowling or a city trip. It is going to be my 30th birthday so I want to celebrate it. I already missed my last two birthdays.
18. Eat Healthier. The last couple of months have been tough mentally and I started to eat more crisps and other junk food. So instead of eating junk food, I want to eat more healthy options like fruit and veggies.
19. Become more flexible. I’ve been dealing with lower back problems since my early twenties. I think that is the place where I hold my stress. But every month I experience back pain during my period and I think doing some yoga exercises and stretches might help with this.
20. Give me a new look. So for a while now, I’ve been thinking about giving myself a make-over. Nothing major, But I think I want to start wearing my make-up like lipstick. And I really want to practise with eyeliner (I am the worst with that).
21. Focus on what I am attracting. I am into the Law of Attraction and the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed I’ve been attracting more bad things because I was complaining more and more. I want to change this mindset.
22. Keep a journal for 2022. In this journal, I document all the good things and my gratitude lists. I think this is a nice way to document my life.
23. Start living. Right before the pandemic started I wanted to start living again, then there were a lot of lockdowns. But even in the last couple of months of 2022, I wasn’t able to do this because of my anxiety.

I have to admit I’ve already taken a few steps for a few of these goals. But I made this list in November and as I said, life is really too short to

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