Happy little moments of November 2021

It is December and it is time to look back on all the things that happened in November. I am going, to be honest with you and say that it was not an easy month for me at all. My emotions were all over the place and it was definitely not an easy month for me. But even though it was not an easy month for me, there were still good things that happened to me. Even in dark times, there are things to be grateful for. You just have to change your perspective to see them.

Happy little moments of November

Putting up Christmas decorations. As soon as Halloween was over, I opened my Christmas boxes and start decorating. I know decorating for Christmas on the first day of November is pretty early but I take the time for it and I just love Christmas decorations. So I want to enjoy it a little bit longer than just a few days.
Learned a lot of things this month. I told you that this month was not very easy for me. My emotions were all over the place and sometimes it felt like I was going crazy. But I think I needed those ‘crazy’ moments to open my eyes and learn something. I realized that I am not enjoying my life and I think my life is pretty boring at this moment. I want to change that. I also realized if I want to achieve something (a fit and healthy body) then I have to work for it instead of staying in bed all day long.
Princess Switch 3. No these are not the kind of movies that are going to win awards or anything but they are just my guilty pleasures. For 1-2 hours I am in a different world and that feels good. I also really enjoyed watching this movie. (You can find my full review here).
Red Notice. Another movie I enjoyed and this came as a surprise. I know the cast is amazing but I wasn’t sure if this movie would be my cup of tea. But apparently, I loved the terrible jokes in this movie. I hope there will be a Red Notice 2 movie. (read my full review here)
My plant has a lot of flowers. Every year around November/December one of my plants gets flowers and this year it got A LOT of flowers. I believe there are around 40-50 flowers right now. But it looks so pretty.
Got a Bonsai tree. I’ve always wanted to get a Bonsai tree because it looks pretty cool. It is a small tree but that makes it cute. I know someone who isn’t the best with plants and her bonsai tree almost died and she gave it to me. It is a few weeks later, but the tree is getting a lot of new leaves right now.
Got the perfect dress for the holidays. The other day I saw this dress and it was on sale! I immediately knew that this is the perfect dress for the holidays.
– Creating new Christmas content. I started working on my Christmas content for all of my platforms. And I am really enjoying it. I had a lot of fun creating new Insta photos again.
Cleaning studio while singing 90’s music. Cleaning is probably not the most fun thing to do, but with good music, it isn’t that bad.
Reading ‘The Dating Dare’ by Jayci Lee. This book was romantic and funny. I loved reading it!



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