Happy little moments of April 2022

Honestly, time goes so fast and it is already May. April was over before I knew it. It was a good month and I am ready to do great things in May. I always like to keep a gratitude journal for myself, but I also could share the things I am grateful for with you to spread some positivity. I would love to do this every single month here on my blog and I hope it will inspire you to focus on the beautiful things in life. These are my happy little moments of April. 

Happy little moments of April 2022

– Reading ‘An offer from a gentlemen‘ which is book number three of the Bridgerton series and is about Benedict Bridgerton.
– Watched football and saw Miedema score 6 goals in just one game. She is just from another world.
– We had our first day of 20 degrees (celsius) and it really felt like spring. It definitely gave me good vibes.
Going to the garden centre and just walk around and look at all those beautiful plants.
– Watched the movie ‘overboard’ (2018) and I really liked that movie. It was very entertaining and cute. I can definitely recommend it. It was available on Netflix in The Netherlands.
– Listening to ‘Cold heart’ song by Elton John and Dua Lipa. This song is such a vibe and I love it! It is one of my favourite happy songs at the moment.
– The new Netflix original movie called ‘The in between’ starring Joey King. I did not expect much, but it was a great (and very sad) movie.
– Saw a baby fox on my way to the office. It was so cute!
– Started doing Dance workouts. I have found a couple of great YouTube channels with dance workouts. 
– Started to listen to podcasts. It is still hard for me to focus but I think I start to like it.
– Watching Heartstopper on Netflix and I also read the last two books in the series.
– Saw two bikes in the shape of a bobsled. I know there are tons of different kinds of bikes here in my country, but this is something you don’t see every day.
– That feeling you get the last chocolate chip cookies at the supermarket. Best feeling ever!
– Saw cute lambs and a baby Scottish highlander (cows) on my way to work. It is so cute!
– Filmed my first YouTube video in ages. It feels good to be back, although I have to get used to talking to the camera again. You can find my YouTube channel here

What is going to happen in May?

I am turning 30 this month, which is exciting and scary at the same time. I also have set a few goals for myself this month. I want to spend way less time on social media. I always waste so much time watching content, while I want to create more content for my own accounts. I also want to have more fun. Not following the same routines every single day. And last but not least doing a dance workout every day.

Photo by Carmen Meurer on Unsplash



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