Books I read in April 2022

April was a good reading month for me and today I am sharing the books I read in April. Most of these books are romance, cheesy and cute books because that is the thing I love to read. Although now and then I also read something completely different, that was not the case this month. 

Books I read in April

An offer from a gentleman – Julia Quinn (Bridgerton book 3)

The first book i read was the third book in the Bridgerton series and it is called ‘An offer from a gentlemen’. The first book was about Daphne and the second about Anthony and now it was time to read Benedict story. One night at a masquerade ball, he meets a very special girl/woman, but he has no idea who she is. He never saw her again. Two years later he meets Sophie at a party, Sophie is now a maid and is keeping a secret from Benedict. She is the woman Benedict danced with and kissed at the ball two years ago. But a marriage would be completely inappropriate because she is just a maid.

I definitely liked this story but I think Anthony and kate’s story is still my favourite. I loved Kate’s character so much. But i like a good cinderella story, what this book basically was. 

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The Proposal – Jasmine Guillory (book 2 in the Wedding date series)

I start by saying that this book was cute. Nikole and her boyfriend went to a baseball game and out of nowhere the boyfriend proposed to her but Nikole said no. Carlos and his sister save her from embarrassment, although the video goes viral the same day. Eventually, they spend more and more time together and they decide to be friends with benefits. But eventually one of the two wants to be more.
This was cute, but not my favourite roman this month. I don’t think it was necessary to read the first book in this series, because I also did not read the first book. But I did not have the feeling I was missing some information. This was just an okayish book with a few cute and romantic moments that will make you melt.

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Heartstopper Volume 3 & 4 – Alice Oseman

I was so lucky this month. I wanted to read all of the Hearstopper books before the Netflix series would come out. But the thing was I could not find book 4 online as an ebook and I mostly read ebooks these days. But two days before the Netflix series came out, book 4 was finally available and I read it immediately. I normally don’t read a comic books but I love this series. It is so cute! The first two books were mostly about falling in love, but later Nick comes out too. They also go to Paris in book 3. But it covers also some serious topics except for sexuality preferences. Charlie eventually develops an eating disorder and basically, Nick is the only one who notices it. This is a comic book series I can recommend.

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How to love your neighbour – Sophie Sullivan

I think this was my favourite book I read this month. It was a sort of enemy to lovers story. Noah has the perfect house with a great view. The house next to his is still empty and he wants to buy it. But the day he wants to make an offer, his new neighbour moves in. Grace does not want to sell her house. Noah does not want to give up. But eventually, he stops asking and he starts to like Grace. There is chemistry, a lot of chemistry between the two.
It was cute. I’ve never heard of Sophie Sullivan, but she has already written two other books and the fourth book is coming next year. I want to read her other books.

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