Emily in Paris | Season 3 Review

Title: Emily in Paris
Actors: Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park & others
Directors: Andrew Flemming, Peter Lauer, Katina Medina More
Writers: Darren Star & others
Genre: Drama, Romance
My Rating: 8/10

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Emily in Paris – Season 3

Emily is an American and started to work for a company in Paris. In the first season, Emily met her handsome neighbour Gabriel and his girlfriend Camille. Emily falls in love with Gabriel too. In the second season, Camille finds out that her boyfriend Gabriel had an affair with Emily and they break up. They make the deal that nobody can Gabriel again. Emily starts the British Alfie she recently met at French lessons. Even though they had a deal, Camille goes back to Gabriel. When they are at a party, Emily finds Camille cheating on Gabriel and she has no idea if she needs to tell Gabriel.


The first two seasons were extremely dramatic. I remember that I hated how often Emily and Gabriel broke up and made up. I honestly could tell that their relationship was not a very healthy one. I was extremely happy when they introduced Alfie because he seemed less problematic. I was so happy in the first season, Emily and Alfie decided to start dating.

And because Emily was dating Alfie, I liked this season better than the second one. I like Alfie too. But I could see Emily also still wanted Gabriel. I felt so bad for Alfie because he just told her about his girlfriends from the past. His ex-girlfriends broke his heart several times. But that is why I also think Alfie deserves someone better. Not Emily who is still in love with Gabriel. 

There will probably be another season of Emily In Paris, but I already know that it is going to be extremely dramatic again. Especially after the bomb, Camille dropped at a wedding. I hope Emily makes the right decision and does not cause a lot of drama. Too much drama is never fun. 

I also liked Emily a lot less this season. She was always stealing someone else’s spotlight, especially at work. I hope she learned her lessons and will never do that again in the next season. She is the main character, we have to like her. If she is not likeable anymore, I might stop watching it.

Emily in Paris is still an amazing series. Paris suddenly looks like a lot of fun. It looks romantic and fun. I think Emily is supposed to steal the show with her outfits, but I think Mindy looks even better. Her outfits are amazing too. I still like the combination of speaking English and French. I am happy they decided to make this series bilingual.  Although, I know in reality French don’t really want to speak English at all. 

I heard on the radio after Emily in Paris was released on Netflix, a lot of British and Americans wants to move to Paris. They even warned that Paris is nothing like Emily In Paris. I agree, Paris in this Netflix series looks so dreamy and fun. The reality is less romantic, I guess. I think you can make any city look romantic and fun. But that is mostly filters and acting. Maybe some people think moving to Paris will make their lives fun again because they are really bored and feeling stuck right now. But they will find out that moving to a different city does not change that. It is your behaviour. You don’t have to move to Paris to create your perfect life. Start where you are right now.



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