6 things to do before the year ends

We are halfway through 2021. Time really flies. But that does mean we have less than 6 months to achieve our 2021 goals. How are you doing? Are you currently doing a great job or do you think you can do better? Or maybe you had no goals for this year, but you still want to change your life in the last 6 months of this year. It is possible. These are 6 things to do before the year ends to change your life.

6 things to do before the year ends

Pick the right friends
What kind of friends do you have right now. Are they still the best friends you need? You deserve to have the best friends in the world. Friends who are supportive and have you back no matter what. They say: you are the sum of who you surround yourself with. So if you are friends with people who complain constantly, change that! You can do so much better. I know it can be hard to say goodbye to friends who are no longer good for you, but you deserve to have friends who lift you.

Chase dreams, not people
Nobody can make you happy except yourself, so don’t wait for someone who will make you happy. Do it yourself. Make yourself the happiest version of yourself. So chase dreams instead of people. Follow your heart and do what you want to do. Start a business if that is what you want. Maybe you want to run a marathon someday. Work for it. Put all of your energy into chasing those dreams. Great things will happen if you do this. You have no idea how far someone can come in just 6 months. And stop wasting time. You will later regret you are wasting your time.

Don’t give up
Have you been working on your goals since the beginning of 2021, but you are feeling down because you are not seeing any results yet? Don’t worry. Your time will come. When you plant a seed, it takes time to grow and it takes time before you can actually see the plant growing. You are doing a great job. Believe in yourself and don’t give up if this is your dream. You will get there. A lot of people give up because they expect to see results overnight, but that never happens. But if you give up now, you will regret it when you are older. I believe in you!

Accept what cannot change, focus on things you can control
There are a few things we complain about, but we can’t control them. We complain a lot when the weather is too hot or too cold. But we can’t control the weather. So stop focusing on that. Focus on the things you can control. Maybe there is something you want to change, focus on that! Maybe you don’t like the traffic in the morning. Well, you can decide to leave the house earlier or take a different route to work.

Make your life fun again
Maybe you think your life is boring right now, you can change that too. Life should be fun too and you should enjoy it. Do something fun every single day and it doesn’t have to be big. Create an hour for yourself to take a hot bath or watch an episode of your favourite series. This way, you have something to look forward to every single day. And start focusing on the positive side of life and reprogram your brain to focus more on the positive things. Buy a gratitude journal (just a normal notebook is good) and write down 3 things you are grateful for every single day.

Take care of yourself
If you are not taking care of yourself, you will eventually notice it. Eat healthy foods and stop eating junk food all the time. Don’t eat candy, eat fruit or cucumber. Your body will be grateful for it if you make better decisions. But taking care of yourself is so much more than just eating healthy food. It is also about exercising and working on your mental health. If you are an overthinker, start doing meditations. Meditations have a lot of benefits. Are you feeling stressed, find out why and work on it. Meditations also work for stress. Just be nice to yourself. Be careful what you are saying to yourself. Stop pushing yourself. Allow yourself to sleep 8 hours every night.

What is your goal for the rest of this year?

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