Movies and series I’ve watched in April 2022

This year I decided to watch less Netflix and I am feeling pretty good with this new habit. But sometimes I still like to watch something. These days I mostly watch the feel-good romance things. Although I have to admit that one of the movies I’ve watched this month was pretty sad but it was still good though. These are movies and series I’ve watched in April

Movies and shows I’ve watched in April 2022

The In between
To be honest, I decided to watch this movie because I was kind of bored. I wasn’t even sure if I would like this, but this movie was incredible. It made me cry the whole two hours, especially the ending. It is about Tessa and Skylar. They both got into an accident and Skylar does not survive it but Tessa does. And she is trying to deal with his loss while at the same time trying to contact him. It was really better than it sounds. But also very sad and touching! But this time it is definitely worth it, it was for me. 

Overboard (2018)
Apparently, this is a remake. I haven’t watched the original one but I found this one on Netflix and I decided to watch it. I was kind of bored that evening. I know that remakes are normally not as good as the original. But to be honest, I really liked this one. I had zero expectations because it kind of looked stupid. But I actually enjoyed it. I did not check my phone during those two hours and that is a sign it is a good movie. It was funny and cute actually. I have zero regrets about watching this movie. For those who have no idea what the movie is about. Overboard is about a rich man (Leonardo) who hires Kate to clean the boat. She does not like him. Then there is an accident and Leo has no idea who he is. Kate takes advantage and she pretends he is her husband. This way she has someone in her house who can take care of cooking etc. Kate is studying to become a nurse. Leo never worked a day in his life so this is really hard for him. 

Heartstopper season 1
I loved the Hearstopper books and I was so excited for the series. But I also knew it could be a disappointment. Some of the book to movie/series adoptions are just terrible. But this one was just incredible. I loved everything! The cast was perfect, they actually stuck to the story of the book and the visuals were great too. I think this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on Netflix. I can definitely recommend it to everyone, not just to young teenagers. It is for everyone!

The Office 
The office has 9 seasons and every now and then I watch a few episodes. I still have 3/4 seasons to go. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but somehow I keep watching it! Dwight and Michael are definitely the ones who are carrying the show. Most of the time it is weird and awkward, but you keep watching it. But I watch this when I have a little bit of time for myself and I have no idea what else I should do.

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