Army of the dead

Title: Army of the dead
Actors: Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera
Director: Zack Snyder
Writers: Shay Hatten, Zack Snyder
Genre: Action, Horror
Length: 2h and 28 min
My Rating: 6/10

WARNING: This review contains spoilers!

Army of the dead

There is a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas and it is too dangerous to enter the zone. These zombies are fast and smart. But a group of people still decide to take the risk and find the 200 million that is in the vault under the strip. But they have to move fast because the government wants to blow up the area and kill all the zombies.


The Army of the dead is a two-hour-long movie and damn, yes it was very long. Maybe even a little bit too long? I got bored at the end.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t do stupid things and you have to stay together in a group when you zombies are around. I mean, I’ve watched The Walking Dead too. People who made stupid choices always died. I just wished these characters watched the show too because they decided to split up and one of the girls decided to go find her friend alone, while zombies were looking for her.

And this movie was also unsatisfying and sorry for spoiling this but they didn’t get the money and almost everyone died. The moment I realized that they just basically wasted their time and risked their lives for nothing, I was done with this movie.

The acting was not too bad, so that made it a little better to watch it. But I think this movie would have been so much better if the movie was shorter (maybe 1.5 hours long) because it was very slow-paced and if the storyline was more interesting. Nothing really happened. Maybe I was waiting for more plot twists and more horror. On the IMDB page, it says it is a horror, crime and action movie. But it was not scary at all and there was just a little bit of action but not enough in my opinion.

I just wished Netflix would focus on making better movies. I mean, some of their movies are so great like To all the boys I’ve loved before, Bird Box and the Eurovision movie was great too. Please hire better writers! I know Netflix can do better because a lot of their series are great.



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