Afterlife of the party

Title: Afterlife of the party
Actors: Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Robyn Scott
Director: Stephen Herek
Writer: Carrie Freedle
Genre: Drama,
My Rating: 9/10

Afterlife of the party

Cassie is a party girl and she loves to throw a huge birthday party. Her best friend Lisa prefers to stay at home and goes for the quiet. So at a party, they get into a fight and Lisa goes home while Cassie goes to another party. When Cassie comes home and wakes up the next day, she goes to the bathroom, falls and dies. But now she is stuck in-between world. She still has unfinished businesses on earth (Lisa, her dad and her mother). To earn a spot in heaven, she has to help those three people.


A few weeks ago, I saw that this movie was coming to Netflix and I saw a part of the trailer. My first thought was that this movie was going to be so bad, weird but maybe funny. I was expecting something over the top. But I still decided to watch it. And wow, I am so happy I decided to watch it. This movie was so much better than I would ever expect. I know, my expectations were really low, but this is so good!

I would’ve never expected to cry during this movie, but I did…. several times! I did not see this coming. This movie was so much better but so emotional too. My advice, to get some tissues before you decide to watch this. If you don’t cry while watching this movie, are you even human?

The chemistry between the two girls Lisa and Cassie was amazing. They are both such amazing actresses. Actually, everyone in this movie was amazing. I just loved every single part of it. It is definitely a heart-warming movie. Cassie has to help three people a year after she died. Her dad used to love yoga but now he is eating junk food and drinking. Cassie really never understood why her mom left her and her dad. But her mom feels so guilty about it and she really wanted to talk about it with Cassie before she died. And Lisa is drowning herself in work and she still hasn’t made a move with her cute neighbour. Cassie has only 5 days to make everything right, which is not easy. But she is lucky because Lisa can see her. After all, they are soulmates. this sounds really weird and cringey but they did a really great job with it.

A lot of the time when I watch movies or series, I get bored and I get my phone. I blame myself and my phone addiction. This movie really had my attention and I completely forgot about my phone. And that is when I know a movie is really good. Because if it was boring, I would go on my phone.

If I had to name one thing that was kind of weird, was maybe this thing she had with Koop, the artist. Especially at the end of it. But I guess that also had to give Cassie a sort of happily ever after in heaven.

I can definitely recommend this movie. I thought it would be a very bad Netflix movie and with over the top acting. But it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed watching it, even though I had to cry several times because it was so beautiful and emotional. I am so happy I decided to watch this anyway.



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