Act your age, Eve Brown – Talia Hibbert


Title: Act your age, Eve Brown
Author: Talia Hibbert
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Genre: Romance
Pages: 400
My Rating: 7/10

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Act your age, Eve Brown

Eve Brown is the youngest sister of the Brown sisters. One day she wakes up and her parents want to talk to her because she quit a job again. So Eve can’t get money from her funds until she finds a job and stays there for at least a year. Eve walks out the door and takes her car. She needs a break, she needs to breathe. But before she knows it, she ends up at a B&B where they are looking for someone as a chef. But the owner is not impressed.


Do you remember how I said in my last book review of ‘Take a hint, Dani Brown‘ (the 2nd book of this series), that I hoped that the last book would be the best one? It was! I liked this book from this series the most. After reading the first book, I wasn’t even sure if I would like the series like others did. For me, it felt just average. Then I liked the second book a little bit better and this one was better than the second one. I think Talia Hibbert really improved herself (in my opinion).

I wasn’t feeling the chemistry in the first book ‘Get a life, Chloe Brown‘ and there was a little bit more chemistry in the second one and ‘Act your age, Eve Brown’ had definitely more chemistry. So it was a good choice to finish the book series in the end.

If I had to compare it to the other romance books I’ve read in the past few years, I would say it is above average but not at the top of my favourite books. Maybe that is because everyone is talking about these books and everyone seemed to like them. But that also brings more expectations. Before I started reading this book series, my expectations were very high. But sometimes a book lets you down when your expectations are too high and this time it happened again to me.

I mean, I still think it is a great book series idea/concept that every book is about a different sister. I really liked that. So still points for that. As I said, in my opinion, I was feeling more chemistry between the characters than in the first two books. I am happy that the third book didn’t let me down. I also think Talia improved her writing style. I was less bored reading the last book compared to the first one. Maybe that was a coincidence, maybe not.

Would I recommend it to other people? Probably not since it is not my favourite. But I think the author doesn’t have to worry because a lot of people seem to like this series and the books became bestsellers. Sometimes you just read books that are super popular but you don’t like them that much. You just can’t simply like every single (popular) book. Not everything is my cup of tea.



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