A knight before Christmas | Movie review

Title: A knight before Christmas
Actors: Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Whitehouse, Emmanuelle Chriqui
Director: Monika Mitchell
Writer: Cara J. Russell
Genre: Christmas, Romance
My rating: 3.5/5

About A knight before Christmas

Vanessa plays Brooke, who is a high school teacher, single and lives in 2019. Sir Cole (Josh) is a knight from the 14th century. And somehow he ends up in the year 2019, where he meets Vanessa. He is trying to figure out why he is in 2019 and how he can go back to his real life.



I really like this story idea. It was super fun to see a knight from the 14th century sitting in a car in 2019. He doesn’t even know what a car is. Everything is new to him, which makes it hilarious. I mean, he isn’t used to the modern-day technology.
I am happy to see a lot of new great Christmas movies on Netflix, including this one. I am also very happy with the cast. I think Vanessa Hudgens is one of my favorite actresses when it comes to romance movies.

But somehow I was also feeling that this movie could have been even better, but not sure why. Maybe there wasn’t enough chemistry? Or maybe it needed more action. For the most part of the movie, it was just Brooke and Cole doing things for Christmas, like tree picking and decorating it. I think a little bit more action would have been great. And what about this ex James? His name came up several times, but why? You only see him for a couple of seconds and he doesn’t say anything at all in the movie. So what was the point of that?

But I have to admit, it was a cute Christmas movie. If you are into Hallmark channels movies, you will like this one. Definitely not the greatest movie of all time, but for a Christmas movie, it is just a good movie.

Have you seen this movie already? No? Check it out on Netflix.


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