Brain on fire | Movie review

Title: Brain on fire
Actors: Chloƫ Grace Moretz, Thomas Mann, Richard Armitage
Director: Gerard Barrett
Writers: Gerard Barrett (screenplay, Susannah Cahalan (memoir)
Length: 1 hour and 28 minutes
My rating: 4,5/5

About Brain on fire

Brain on fire is about the 21-year old Susannah who leads a pretty normal life. She lives in New York, she works as a journalist for the newspaper and she has a new boyfriend. But one day she is not feeling well. In the beginning, it is just for a couple of minutes, but later it is getting worse. Her parents are trying to take care of her in the beginning, but soon they demand that she gets hospitalized. The doctors are trying to find out what is wrong with her, but after a month they still don’t know what it is. But then Dr Najjar decides to help them and see if he can help Susannah.



Wow, if you are watching this movie knowing that this really happened to Susannah then it is pretty shocking to watch this. I really felt sorry for her and her parents. In the beginning, she has a lot of mood swings and you will think that she is drinking too much alcohol or maybe using drugs. But you also see that Susannah isn’t like that. She drinks occasionally, but not extreme.

I can’t even imagine how it was for Susannah to feel trapped in your own body. And I can’t imagine how desperate you feel, because nobody knows what is causing all of this. I definitely cried during this movie. So if you want to watch this movie too (on Netflix), don’t forget your tissues.

I really think that ChloĆ« did an amazing job in this movie. I mean, she wasn’t just playing any role, she had to portray a true story. But I think she did an amazing job. I really believed her. I also think that it is great that they made a movie about this disease, even though just a couple of people will get this disease. Hopefully, it can save lives and help people/families.

I also thought it was really good that the movie was a little bit vague and the sounds were weird at some points. But that was exactly how Susannah felt in those moments. It really helps to understand it better.

Watch this movie on Netflix.



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