6 reasons why you should relax more

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We people are too stressed about things. We can stress about literally everything. About the holidays, about work, about our home situation and even about smaller things. Too much stress is not good for you and can have an effect on your health. I give you 6 reasons why you should relax more.

6 reasons why you should relax more

Positive effect on your health

As I said stress can have a negative effect on your health, which is exactly what you want to avoid. Stress can literally make you sick. So find more moments during the day for yourself, to lower your stress levels and calm yourself down. Your body will be thankful for that.

Positive effect on your mental health

But also your mental health is important. And stress has an effect on your mental health. When stress becomes overwhelming, you can experience more mental health problems like anxiety, depression but also sleep problems. So if you want to feel better, try to relax a little bit more.

You will function better

When you are stressed, your body is not functioning perfectly. Normally your body will go in survive mode when something terrible happens and it tries to protect you. But that means you can’t think clearly. And normally this will happen in a life threatening situation and won’t last long. But these days we are experiencing stress every single day. Do meditation and your body will release those feel-good chemicals and your body will not be in a surviving mode any longer.

You will feel better

When you feel stressed, you can feel tired, irritated, angry, sad and more of those so-called negative emotions. But when you are feeling relaxed, you will feel happier, calm, satisfied more often. And I know everyone wants to feel good. So avoid stress! And you will feel better eventually.

More productive

I am feeling good, I am so productive. I can write more blog posts and create more online content. But when I feel stressed, everything is so overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. And eventually, the stress takes over and I have no idea what to do anymore. There is this thing called the flow-state and in this state, you basically stop thinking about the rest of the world and you are so focused on your tasks. And you have absolutely no idea what time it is. But when you reach this flow state, you feel amazing and super productive. This is the best state to be in when you have to work. (but unfortunately, you can’t force yourself to get into the flow-state.)

You will sleep better

When you are stressed, you can’t stop thinking about the things that are happening in your life. Maybe you are constantly thinking about your work and your to-do list. When I feel amazing and relaxed I can sleep within minutes. I can even fall asleep before I even turned off the lights. When I am feeling stressed and overthinking everything, I can stay awake for hours.



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