5 tips for when you are having a bad day

Life is not always easy. Sometimes we have tough days because someone we loved passed away, but we can also have bad days because it feels like everything goes wrong. The best tip I can give to you when you lost someone is to grief in your own way. But today I want to focus on those days when everything goes wrong. You wake up and stub your toe and suddenly you are stuck in traffic and your co-worker is extra annoying that day. But it doesn’t have to be a bad day, because you have control over that and how you feel on those days. I am not saying it will be easy, but hopefully, these 5 tips for when you are having a bad day will help you.

5 tips for when you are having a bad day

Focus on your inner body
I am currently reading the power of now by Eckhart Tolle and this book is amazing. It is about how we think too much on a daily basis. And while we are overthinking life and decisions, we live on an automatic pilot. I am going, to be honest, and tell you I did this too. I was constantly somewhere else in my mind. But I had the feeling that I wasn’t really living, I felt like I was surviving and I had a lot of those bad days. In this book, Eckhart Tolle tells why you should focus on your inner body. Because when you focus on the energy in your body, you will be more present. You stop overthinking, which is mostly negative thoughts and thus negative energy. And when you focus on the inner body you will feel more peace and love, and you will raise your vibration.

If you are into the Law of Attraction, you will know that raising your vibration is a good thing, because you will attract better things. Focusing on the energy in your body will also help you to feel better because now you are not living on an automatic pilot anymore. So if something ‘bad’ happens, you don’t react the same anymore and that leads to a different outcome. If you change yourself, your life will change. That is the law.

Sometimes we are in a bad mood and we think we have bad days when we actually just need sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep every night, you are more grumpy and negative. So you will see and experience more negative things. If you have a bad day and you have the time to take a nap, take a nap. You will feel so much better. And of course, just make sure you get enough sleep every night. Go to bed early if you have to wake up early.

Take care of yourself
It is always important to take care of yourself, but especially on those bad days. And this doesn’t have to mean, you have to book a spa for the day. You can also just meditate for 5 minutes and do a work-out. If you are taking care of your body, you will notice a difference and you will feel better too.

Ways to take care of yourself
– Take a long hot bath
– Eat healthy and drink water
– Exercise/stretch
– Take a nap
– Do something you enjoy
– Meditate for a few minutes
– Affirmations

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Slow-living has become a trend since the pandemic started. Slow-living means that you focus on what’s important for you and you just take it slow. You take time to eat your meals, you take time for your cup of tea/coffee and you take time to read a book. Slow-living basically means you are completely focused on the task you are doing right now, so basically it is mindfulness. But slow-living is also more than mindfulness because it also means you are wasting less time online, and you focus on what really matters for you. And you don’t rush it. You really take the time for everything. When you are always in a rush, you feel irritated. When you take the time for everything, you will feel more peace and more relaxed.

Spend time with friends/pets
We all know a few people who can lift your mood, those are the best friends you can get. You know that hanging around negative people can affect your mood, but positive people can affect your mood in a good way. So find your high vibe friends and just hang out.
If you can’t hang out right now, cuddle or play with your pets. They can be also very fun and cute. ANd they will probably like the attention.

These were my 5 tips for when you are having a bad day. Do you have more tips? Let me know in the comments.



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