Things you should never forget

In today’s post, I want to talk about the things we all know (kind of) but we are still not doing it. So these are little reminders for you. These are 5 things you should never forget. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your mirror to remind yourself every single day.

Things you should never forget

Asking for help isn’t weak
There are things we can do alone and there are things we can’t do alone. Some people see asking for help for weakness and I see it everywhere in my daily life. People are complaining it is too much to do it alone but they will never ask for help. We should get rid of this idea. We should be helping each other. We shouldn’t be afraid of what other people might think if we ask for help. We are not superheroes. There will come times we have to ask for help.

You don’t always have to be productive
Another toxic thing we have in our western society is the idea that we should be productive all the time. Did we come up with that anyway? Sure if you love your work, you probably want to do it every day. But it is okay to take a break too. They are currently researching in Europe to see if the 4 workday is a good idea and it is working. Everyone is more productive and happier. If you say you are working for 15 hours a day, doesn’t mean you are productive. You can be wasting your time. And if you never take a break, your focus will be terrible. So no, you don’t have to be productive all the time. You can something else too. Life is all about balance.

You don’t have to follow the traditional path of life
This is your life and you should live your ideal and best life. But everyone is different and we all have different ideas on how to live our lives. Society tells us to graduate, then find a job, get married, get a dog, a house and then a baby. A lot of people believe this is the secret to happiness. First of all, happiness comes from within and not from external things. Second, if you don’t want to get married, that is okay. We are all different and we all want different things from life. That is okay too. It is okay to be single when you are 30 or to be 35 and still not knowing what you really want in life. We don’t have to be like everyone else. Just follow your heart and do what makes YOU happy.

Prioritising yourself isn’t selfish
I have never understood why prioritising yourself is selfish. If you take of yourself first, then you will be able to take care of someone else. But if you always put others in the first place, you will forget about your own needs and eventually get burned out. You have to take care of yourself first before you can help others. So take time for yourself because it is necessary. You have to take care of your body and mental health.

Bad days are normal
When I started to learn about the Law of Attraction, I was really focused on being positive. And these I see it every. A lot of people are saying that you have to be positive and see the beautiful things in life. But not much later I realized how toxic this is. The implies that you can never be sad or angry. But those are just emotions too. And by trying to be more positive, we pushing those ‘negative’ emotions away. But sooner or later they will rise to the surface and it will be even worse. It is okay to have a bad day now and then. Just focus on your body and what it is trying to tell you. What does your body need right now? Allow those emotions to be there and eventually, they will go away. Life is series of ups and downs.

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