10 summer questions

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It is officially summer and even though everything is a little bit different this year, I am still trying to enjoy the summer. It is exactly hot enough to sit outside and it is not too hot so you can be still productive. I am in a summer mood and a summer mood is a right mood to fill in a summer tag. I found this on a Dutch blog, but I translated it to English. These are 10 summer questions.

10 summer questions

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate!!!! and only chocolate ice cream. I like other flavors too but there isn’t a flavor better than the chocolate one. Okay, I have to be honest and tell you that when I eat chocolate ice cream, I eat everything. So maybe it isn’t good for my weight and health. But sometimes I like to treat myself a bit. I especially love the triple chocolate Ice cream.

Which clothing items are essential in summer?

I mostly think like tops, like summer or crop tops. I love to wear it in the summer. And when it is really hot I also like shorts and play-suits. But the thing with play-suits is that you have to take your whole play-suit off when you need to use the bathroom. So even it is very comfortable to wear, it is not very practical.

Favorite summer drink

I don’t think I have a favorite summer drink. Some people drink more cocktails/mocktails in summer but I still drink the same things as in winter. I love to drink tea and water. Not very interesting. There is one drink I really like at this moment and that is the orange juice with kiwi. It is so delicious and super fresh and healthy because they don’t add anything else.

What is your favorite activity in summer?

Riding my bike, hiking, and reading a book in the garden. I love to spend my time outdoors in the summer. I can sit inside all winter long if I want to. Even on the colder days/evenings I still love to sit outside. I just wear some extra clothes to keep myself warm. And I also like to ride my bike and hiking. I just like to be active. It always gives me a great feeling afterward.

How does your typical summer make-up look like?

I honestly don’t wear any make-up on any day. Sometimes I like to wear waterproof mascara but that is it. So that is my summer make-up look. Besides, when it is really hot you don’t want to wear any make-up. It will never last for hours.

What is your favorite summer song?

I am not even sure what the summer hit of 2020 is? I don’t listen to the radio a lot. I like to listen to older songs. But you know what? I just listen to songs that will match my mood. So if I am happy I just listen to happy songs and when I am down, I listen to more emotional songs.
But if I had to pick one song, I would pick ‘old pine’ by Ben Howard.

What is your favorite summer dish?

Salads. People who are saying that a salad is boring, are not very creative with food. I mean, you can literally add anything to your salad. If you like avocados, add them to your salad. Do you like apples? You can also add them to your salad. I also love to add some pasta. And of course, I also like to eat pizza.

What is your favorite DIY for the summer?

Since it is a huge trend (again) here in the Netherlands, I am going to say: Tie-dye. It is very popular right now. Probably because everyone was really bored during the quarantine. But besides that, I like to try DIY’s for the garden/balcony, to make it cozy. On Pinterest, you can find tons of ideas.

Your favorite scent in summer?

I don’t wear a lot of perfume in the summer. I like to wear body mist with a sweet summer scent. Or I probably smell like shea butter because I use that almost every single day.

Your plans for this summer?

I don’t really have plans for this summer. I had a week off last week and I am currently working fewer hours. Which means I have more free time. I just want to work on my blogs, read books, be active, and just relax. These are my favorite summer plans.

What is your favorite summer hit at the moment?



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