Xo, Kitty | Review

Xo, kitty Netflix series review
Title: Xo, Kitty
Actors: Anna Cathcart, Minyeong Choi and more
Writers: Jenny Han, Sarah Choi and more
Director: Jennifer Arnold, Jeff Chan and more
Genre: Teen love/drama
Length episode: 25 min

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Xo, Kitty

Kitty Song Covey has been together with Dae for a few years now. The only problem is that Dae lives in Seoul and Kitty in the United States. She convinces her father and her stepmother to let her go to the KISS school. Not just to see her boyfriend, but also to find out a little bit more about her mother, who also went to school there.
The night she arrives, she plans to surprise Dae, but he has a bigger surprise. He is in a relationship. At first, Kitty wants to fly back home, but then she remembers that she is also here to feel the connection with her mom, who passed away when she was little.


I don’t even know where to start, but I have learned you should always start with the positive things. The episode is short which is actually nice. Most of the episodes of a Netflix series are way too long, this is a nice length. It also makes it easier to bingewatch everything in one day.  The second thing is that I would definitely watch another season of it. I loved watching ‘To all the Boys I’ve loved before‘ and I think back then Kitty was one of my favourite characters. She is funny.

However, there were also a lot of things that I did not like or were super confusing. I start with the obvious one. Kitty is wearing the exact same nail polish colour in every single episode. She is at Kiss for a whole semester, so I definitely think that is a huge mistake they made. It felt messy and dumb.  

Another thing that I thought was weird, was that Kitty was extremely close with one of her teachers Alex. They were texting and calling each other, hanging out. It was weird. I think no student in real life would ever do that. That is also very suspicious and if this happened in real life, it is probably because they would be in a relationship. Which is extremely creepy.

The relationships were just too confusing. It was hard to remember who had a crush on who. The only two people who had a crush on each other were Florian and Q and they were a couple. It was a little bit too much drama for my personal taste. I am not sure where this is going either. I kind of hope that Min Ho and Kitty will end up together. But I have a feeling that the writers are pushing her back with Dae eventually. Even though she deserves better than that. Dae was kind of the red flag in this series. He did not tell Kitty he was in a (fake) relationship with Yuri. If she never decided to go to KISS, he would have never told her about it. And even then he stayed in this fake relationship, showing that Kitty was not good enough.

It brought good memories of the ‘To all the Boys I’ve loved before’ series. The used the same kind of colours for this show, showing it is a prequel. I was hoping to see Margot and LJ/Peter again, but that never happened, unfortunately. If the writers are reading this, please give them a little bit of screen time in season 2. 

Yes, I need a season 2 because I need answers. But I kind of hope the writers will make it less dramatic and confusing. I also hope they will pay attention to the nail polish colours. Nobody wears the same nail colour for a few months straight. 



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