Why I am grateful for my burn-out

This blog post title might sound very weird to you. Especially when you have a burn-out right now. I mean, how can you be grateful for your burn-out.?You feel exhausted, down and you can get panic attacks too. Well, I can tell you it is possible to be grateful for your burn-out and I am going to tell you why I am grateful for my burn-out.

No, I don’t remember that I was grateful at that time when I had a burn-out. But soon as I started to feel better, I realized I needed that burn-out as a wake-up call. Not that there was something wrong with my life. I mean, I literally had everything: education, home, part-time jobs and social life. But it was not the “perfect” life for me. I was living the life I was expected to have. 

But now,  years after my burn-out and 1000+ panic attacks later,  I realized that I should be grateful for burn-out! And I am

Reasons why I am grateful for my burn-out

I realized that I wasn’t living my dream life
I was studying economics and it was fine. But it wasn’t my dream life. I chose to study economics because everyone in the family expected me to study something like this. I had another dream: something creative. I didn’t get the chance to think about that, because everyone was telling me that I should do something that will get me a job immediately. Getting a job in the creative/culture/tourism sector can be hard. 

Of course, I made the mistake to listen to them. But during my burn-out, I wrote down every single thing I like. I was a pretty long list, but I realized that I could combine all of those things and write about it on a blog. 

I realized that it is okay to take a break every now and then

I come from a culture where you have to be busy 24/7. During my study, there were several other students doing a lot of activities at school. And I felt lazy sometimes. I had this feeling that I had to work, study or be social 24/7. But now I realize that it is essential to take a break every now and then. Every day I plan some me-time to relax, even on days when I am feeling great and already relaxed. 

I realized that you should listen to your heart instead of your head

Your heart/intuition is always right. And that is because everyone is trying to get into your head these days. And it is so easy. For example, someone leaves a nasty comment on your Instagram. You start thinking about it and you wonder if you are really an ugly person. (No, of course, you are not.) Also, your ego (in your mind) is trying to protect you. Sounds good, but even when you are trying to get out of your comfort zone, he will tell you that you shouldn’t do it. When your intuition tells you should do it anyways, because you’ll love it, do it! 




  1. Hi there!

    I found this post from a blog comment thread and was intrigued. Burn out is so easy to come across especially when you spend a lot of your life online. I just graduated from college earlier this month, but I’ll tell you, feeling burned out was as common as breathing. A lot of times I was in neck deep with work and friends I lost a lot of myself. I too felt as if I wasn’t living my dream life. Thank you for writing such an honest an helpful post!

  2. Op moment heb ik een burn out. Probeer zoveel mogelijk te doen, eraan te werken maar echt wat voel je je moe en naar vaak. Snap je punten wel alleen zo ver ben ik nog niet

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