Where to find inspiration for your blog or YouTube Channel

If you have a blog or YouTube Channel, you know it can be hard to find inspiration for all of the content you are creating. Especially when you want to publish a few times a week. Over the years I’ve learned how I can find new inspiration for my blog and YouTube channel, even when it feels like I have a creative block. And today I am sharing where to find inspiration for your blog or YouTube Channel.

Where to find inspiration for your blog or YouTube Channel

1 . Show your favourites. No matter what your niche is, you can always share your favourites. If you are a gamer, share your favourite games. If you a book blogger, share your favourite books.
2. Pinterest. A great place to find inspiration is the internet and more specifically Pinterest. Type in a few keywords or just scroll on your home feed, until you see something that will give you a little bit of inspiration. Just take your time for it.
3. Do something else. When you are trying too hard to think of new blog ideas, you might never get it. The key is distracting yourself. So do something else instead. Clean your house, buy food or just read. And suddenly you will get more inspiration.
4. Old content. If you have been a blogger or  YouTuber for a while, you have created a lot of content. But you can use that content for creating more content. Look at older content and find keywords that you can use for new content. And then you can also link to your old content. Which can give you more views.
5. Google analytics (search words). If you have Google analytics, you will know that you can see what people are looking for before they come to your blog. Use that information.
6. Other bloggers/ Youtubers for inspiration. DO NOT COPY text from other bloggers or do not make the exact same content as other YouTubers. Be you can use someone’s blog or video as an inspiration.
7. Go outside and look around you. Be present and just walk around. I remember when I had no inspiration, I decided to go for a walk and before I knew it, I had so many ideas. I had to stop and write everything down on my phone.
8. Do something relaxing. Go out for a walk, take a bath or shower. Creativity is at its best when you are completely relaxed. So stop stressing and just relax. Do something that will make you feel good.
9. A book with questions. There are several books with a lot of questions, this is one of them and they can also help you to get more inspiration. Especially when you are blogging about your life.
10. Selfhelpbooks. Do you write about mental health and self-improvement. Read a self-improvement book and I bet you find new inspiration to write about. If not, you can always write a review about that book.
11. (online) magazines. As I said before, don’t copy them. They can sue you because of copyright. But you can always use it for inspiration.
12. Make blog series. Every week I post My Happy Hippie week. I show you what I do in a week. Every month I share the books I read etc. Make series like these!

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