What Happens on Vacation – Jo Watson | Book Review

What Happens on Vacation - Jo Watson | Book Review

Title: What Happens on vacation
Author: Jo Watson
Publisher: W by Wattpad Books
Genre: Romance, 
Pages: 448
My Rating: 8/10

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What happens on Vacation

Journalist Margaret loves her job, writing important stories about the impact of government decisions on day-to-day lives for a respected newspaper in Johannesburg. There’s only one of her co-workers, Jagger Villain. Is that even his real name? she often wonders. Jagger spends his days writing fluff pieces on everything from the worst-rated barber in Johannesburg to speed dating to male sex toys. Thankfully the upcoming company quiz night has the perfect first deluxe trip to a resort in Zanzibar. It will be the perfect escape for Margaret and her mother after a challenging year dealing with the death of her father and divorce. Margaret always wins, but not this time. Margaret has the same amount of points as Jagger. So they both go to Zanzibar.


One of my first thought was that Margaret takes this quiz a little bit too seriously. I mean, a trip to Zanzibar sounds great. But she wins every single year. Why is she not letting anyone else win for once? But then I realized she really hates losing. Her co-workers like Margaret, but they don’t like Margaret wins every single day. I totally get that.

Anyway, if you have been following my blog for a while, you would probably see my other reviews of Jo Watson’s books. I love her writing style and books. They always make me laugh, but it is also very romantic at the same time. I also like that the author lives in South Africa and she writes love stories that take place there. Most of the time, the other books I read take place in a big city in England or U.S.A.  

I thought this book was cute. Jagger definitely likes Margaret and I think she did too, but she tried to ignore that feeling. The characters were likeable. I liked Jagger the most with him teasing Margaret all the time. He was basically constantly dropping hints he liked her. I also liked Margaret’s mom. Her life story was pretty interesting. She definitely had an interesting life, but she really lived and still is. She is a hippie/spiritual kind of person.

I also liked how the author also used the sentence ´Jagger swaggered in´. I am not sure where the inspiration for this sentence came from, but it suddenly reminded me of an old song called ´swagger jagger´. His whole name was pretty interesting: Jagger Villain. Sounds like a weird creature, but instead he is just soft and cute.

I liked how their relationship developed, even though Margaret never really believed him when he said he really liked her or that she has a fear of commitment/trust issues. And this book is not only very romantic and cute. It was also very emotional. Two women who both lost their husbands. One because of divorce and the other passed away. It got very emotional at the end. Make sure, you have tissues when you are reading this too.

Also, I included an Amazon link, so it will be easier for you to find this book online and buy it. But then I saw the release date was set for October this year. I thought that was wrong. I looked on the Goodreads page and it has the same date. I think this date applies to people who live in the U.S.A. and maybe other countries. I already could buy it from the Dutch online store.



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