We have a ghost (2023) | Movie Review

Title: We have a ghost
Actors: Jahi Di’Allo Winston, David Harbour, Anthony Mackie and more
Director: Christopher Landon
Writers: Christopher Landon & Geoff Manaugh
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
My Rating: 7/10

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We have a ghost

Kevin just moved into a new house. On one of the first nights living in the house, he meets Ernest the ghost in the attic. But instead of screaming and yelling, Kevin laughs and films the ghost. Turns out, Ernest is not the scary ghost you would normally see in the movies. Ernest can’t talk and can’t remember a thing. After some research Kevin finds out that he probably is stuck as a ghost and he needs some answers to get closure. Kevin wants to help him to find out who killed him and why. But Kevin’s dad Frank makes it a little bit harder. Frank discovered his son has a video of a ghost, when he realizes he is real he sees this as an opportunity to earn a lot of money with YouTube videos and merchandise. 


I wanted to watch a new movie, but unfortunately, I’ve watched every romantic movie on Netflix. So I ended up watching this one. I thought it was going to be a scary one, but I saw Jennifer Coolidge so I wanted to try. I am not the biggest fan of horror movies. Horror movies make me feel bad, so I try to avoid them. But I love Jennifer Coolidge since she was Hilary Duff’s mother in ‘A cinderella story’. 

But I am so lucky this movie was not scary at all. This is the perfect ghost movie for someone who does not like horror movies. The ghost tries to be super scary and all, but he is really bad at it. I wonder how the people who lived in the house before never realized this was a harmless ghost. It was so obvious from the start. Although, I was sort of certain that this friendly ghost would turn into an evil ghost. Mostly because Dr Leslie Monroe (portrayed by Tig Notaro) said he would turn into a not-so-friendly ghost and that Kevin was in danger. But that plot twist never came. I am not sure if I am now disappointed or relieved. Probably better for me, he stayed friendly.

The movie was okay. It reminded me sort of the ghostbusters, but it is completely different. But I think if you liked the ghostbusters, you would like this too maybe. The movie itself was a little bit over two hours long, which was a little long. It should have been shorter. It couldn’t grab my attention anymore at the end. It was hard to stay focused on the movie. 

The story was okay too. Kevin saw that Ernest the ghost was stuck and he had no idea how he was killed. Kevin wanted to help him and give him the answers he needed. Ernest’s story is actually a sad one and the killer got away. But it was hard to put this movie in just one category. In the beginning, it looked like a comedy, then Kevin wanted to know more about this ghost (mystery) and then the police were chasing them (action). It was just everything and that is why it made this movie more chaotic than necessary.

But as I said, the story itself was okay. It should have been a 90-minute movie because it was way too long. But the movie has David Harbour as the ghost and Jennifer Coolidge. The actors were definitely good too. Good casting. 



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