Things you shouldn’t do on social media

                                                  Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Social media is a beautiful invention. It is so much easier to stay in touch with your family and friends and on some social media you can even become friends from all over the world. But social media also has a dark side, it can also be a toxic place. But it is all about how you use it. These are the things you shouldn’t do on social media.

Stalk your ex

You just broke up with your boyfriend? Or did you just think about an ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago? Some people love to stalk people on social media. And it isn’t really hard to find people these days. But is it really necessary? You are wasting a lot of time on people from years ago. And you can even feel those emotions again. Is that what you really want? Why do you want to stalk your ex? Don’t do this.

Worrying about likes and followers

Since social media, we created new first-world-problems. Especially Instagram created a few new stress-factors about stupid things. Two of them are likes and the number of followers. These days we are nog satisfied when we get 100 likes, we want 200 or even more likes. And there are a lot of people who want to be Instagram famous and they even buy fake followers. Don’t worry about these ridiculous things and be grateful for the things you already have.

Comparing yourself

Have you ever looked at those pictures from fit girls/boys with their amazing bodies? Or do you see people having the time of their lives on social media? Comparing yourself with others is never a great idea. People can choose the things they want to post. So if they only post amazing things, you will think that their lives are amazing. But it is possible that they are also struggling with their own problems.

Following accounts that don’t inspire you

Do you follow accounts that you actually don’t like? Are you following these accounts because you want to read the hate comments or even leave a hate comment yourself? Don’t do this! You are wasting your time. And you don’t have to follow these people. You don’t even have to follow your own friends if you don’t want to. Just follow the accounts you love. This way, social media is so much more fun.

Over-editing your photos

How often do you find photos on Instagram that are so over-edited? Like it doesn’t look like reality anymore. There are famous Instagrammers who edit a lot of things before they publish the photo. They use photoshop to erase things and they also use it to make themselves more ‘beautiful’. Bigger boobs, booty, and even lips. But a photo is more beautiful when you still look like yourself. Using a filter is fine, as long as you still look like yourself.

Check social media when you wake up

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? A lot of people check their social media when they wake up. This is now how you wake up if you want to feel relaxed. Your brain has to wake up first. So I recommend not to use your phone in the first hour of your day.

Spending too much time on social media

There is a big difference between you using social media and social media using you. Of course, social media is addictive. They designed it that way. When you get a message you want to check it immediately. But please, don’t spend too much time on social media. Real-life is so much better. And it can be also very bad for your mental health. So spend more time offline and you will notice that you will become more productive and relaxed.



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