These are the books I read in January 2021

This year I want to read more books and so far so good. I am reading a lot more, probably because of the lockdown. But I also have to admit that the first month of this year wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be. I actually wanted to read between 8 and 10 books. But eventually, I read 6 (and started in 2 other books). Still pretty good though. These are the books I read in January.

Goodreads challenge: 6/100

These are the books I read in January

In five years

This was the first book I read and I really enjoyed it. In this book, Dannie Kohan gets a dream/vision of the future and it felt so realistic. Only in that dream, she was living in a different apartment and she was together with another guy. She tries to let go of the dream/vision but then she meets the guy from her dream. And Dannie is doing whatever she can do to make sure that this dream is not coming true.

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This time next year

Two babies were born almost at the same time. Only Minnie Cooper came to this world just a few minutes later than Quinn. Many years later they meet at a party. Minnie is not really sure how she feels about him. Because of him, her name is Minnie and not Quinn. But it turns out that Quinn is actually a nice man and that is how their friendship starts.

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Tessa is living the ‘perfect’ life. She gets good grades and can finally go to university, she has a nice boyfriend and her mom is making sure she stays on the right path. But that is harder when Tessa meets Hardin. Tessa falls hard for Hardin, but their relationship is not perfect. And besides that, Hardin has a huge secret. This book was good, better than the movie. It is basically ‘Fifty shades of grey’ with students. It is just about sex.

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Love to hate you

This is probably one of my favorite books I read in January. It was romantic and funny. Sera has a one-night-stand with a stranger. Everything is perfect, but she thinks he is a little bit weird. He is saying that he loves her. But she thinks he is just joking. But the next day when she arrives at her work, she finds out that this stranger (Ben) is her new boss. And suddenly there are a lot of awkward situations at work. Sera doesn’t know how to behave when he is around.

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Heartstopper is also one of my favorite of January. Charlie has to sit next to Nick in class and that is how their friendship starts. Later they start to meet each other after school and they become inseparable. Everyone knows that Charlie is gay and Charlie is getting more and more feelings for Nick. But Charlie thinks that Nick is into girls, so he tries to ignore his feelings. Or has Nick also feelings for Charlie? This graphic novel is a great read! Definitely a recommendation. It is short but still worth it.

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The bookish life of Nina Hill

This was my least favorite book of January. It was just a little bit too boring for me I guess? I am not sure what it was missing. Nina Lee Hill loves to read and is an introvert. She prefers to spend the night with her books instead of people. Social events give her anxiety. She also plans every single thing. But suddenly her life changes. She finds out who her dad was and suddenly she has a huge family and at the same time, she is falling in love. Can she handle everything?

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