There is someone in your house

Title: There is someone in your house
Actors: Sydney Park, Théodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper
Director; Patrick Brice
Writer: Henry Gayden & Stephanie Perkins
Genre: Horror
My Rating: 6.5/10

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There is someone in your house

This movie is based on the book written by Stephanie Perkins

This movie follows the graduating class of Osborn High. This group of teenagers is being targeted by a masked murderer. This murderer reveals the deepest secret of each victim. But a group of misfit outsiders is trying to stop this killer. Makani Young is one of those misfits. She moved from Hawaii to small-town Nebraska for a reason but she is trying to keep the real reason a secret. Makani needs to find out who this masked killer is before this person reveals her biggest secret to everyone at her school.


When you see the title of this movie, you would probably expect a horror movie about someone who is home alone and a dangerous person broke into the house. Well, even though the movie started like that, I still think this is not the right title for this movie. Because most of the time they are not at home at all. So I got a completely different movie than I expected it. I could have known this if I had watched the trailer but I never watch movie trailers because they spoil too much.

But if we just ignore the wrong title for this movie, I thought it was a pretty decent movie. At least, it was a pretty decent movie for me. I am going to admit, I have a love and hate relationship with horror movies. I think they are pretty cool at first, but when I watch them I am scared. Well, I can tell you that this movie did not scare me at all. Yes, there is a lot of blood, but there were 0 moments that made me jump. Which is a good thing for me, since I hate (or love, I don’t know) those moments.

While some people knew immediately who the killer was, I had absolutely no idea. I try to guess it but I was wrong so many times. But after watching this movie, it kind of make sense. I feel dumb because I ignored all of those signs. It was pretty obvious. And of course, just like in other horror movies, people made really stupid decisions. There was a kid and he was about to get murdered at a party. Everyone at the party was running in the same direction but not this guy. This guy decided it was a great idea to run the opposite way. I mean, that is how you know this person gets killed because now he was alone with this killer. But I guess a horror movie where people made smart decisions would have been boring.

And talking about this party. Who thought it was a great idea to throw a party while people were murdered. A normal person would mourn. But not these kids! They pretend nothing happened. Which was so weird.

Anyway, I still liked the movie. I am not sure why it gets a lot of bad reviews on IMDB. For me, it was an all-right movie. Nothing too scary, which I like. The killing parts were gross to see though. I don’t like blood. I can imagine that this is the movie you want to watch with your friends and laugh about the stupid mistakes they make. If you expect a real horror movie that will haunt you for the rest of the day/night, you will be disappointed.



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