The Broken Hearts Gallery | Movie Review

Title: The Broken Hearts Gallery
Actors: Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery and more
Writers: Natalie Krinsky
Director: Natalie Krinsky
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 8/10

The Broken Hearts Gallery

Every time Lucy has a new boyfriend, she keeps the little things that remind her of the good times. Over the years, she saved many things from different relationships and does not want to get rid of them. After her boyfriend, Max breaks up with her, loses her job and gets in a car with a stranger. But that is how she meets Nick. Nick is trying to build a hotel and that is where Lucy gets the idea to start her own gallery, the broken hearts gallery. Everyone has kept something from their past relationships. 


The other day, I saw someone talking about this movie I had never heard of it, but it sounded really good. And I was right, it was cute. This movie was an example of why I love the Friends to Lovers trope. Because it is really cute when two people meet, start spending time together as friends and slowly fall in love. I loved how they met too. Lucy was supposed to get a ride from Lyft, but she was a little drunk and got in a stranger’s car. She did not let him speak, so he had no chance to tell her he wasn’t her Lyft driver.

I love to watch romance movies because it makes me hopeful. Some people might say that it is not realistic, but seriously we all deserve movie-worth relationships. To be honest, the guy was cute, but not my type. But when he behaves like a gentleman and does certain romantic things, he becomes a thousand times more attractive. 

This was funnily enough the happiest movie about break-ups, now I think about it. Normally, I can cry about two people breaking up in movies, but this time I was feeling a lot better when she and Max broke up. It was not just about break-ups either, it was also about losing a person you love because they died. Pretty sad, but still very beautiful. I realized that I never kept any guy’s stuff. I get why people keep them now because one thing can mean a lot. 

I think when it comes to romantic movies, the most important thing is the chemistry and I definitely saw the chemistry. The story is very uplifting and cute. It takes place in New York and maybe that does not mean anything to anyone else, but I still want to go to New York one day. One day a few years ago I bought this New York poster from Ikea and since that moment I fell in love with new york. Which still sounds a little bit silly, because like I said I’ve never been to New York before. 

The acting was pretty solid, the story cute, and the music choice was also great. I still don’t get the point of this Jeff guy. He was very strange and while he was there all the time, he just have one line or something. I think it was better to leave him out of the cast. Without him, the movie would have been the same. But the actors were good, although if Lucy was a real person I would have told her to shut up every once in a while. There were a few times Nick wanted to explain something and she did not stop talking. 



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