How to read more books

How to read more books

So this weekend I am going ‘offline’. I am not going offline completely but I try to spend less minutes on my phone. And while I am doing that I am going to read a lot. Currently I am reading a lot and it feels really good. But I know that there are people who really wants to make more time for reading. In this blog post you can read my tips on how to read more books.

Take a book with you

Like seriously, there will always be a moment that you can read. So when I was still studying I had to travel between 1-2 every single day. And I had absolutely nothing to do on the bus except talking with friends. But sometimes it was just me and that is why I always brought a book with me. I decided to buy a E-reader later because of the weight. So if you don’t have a e-reader, please don’t bring big books with you. And before you know it , you are already home or you missed your busstop…..

Read books you like

This is an obvious one but reading a book you don’t like can really kill your reading mood. So in the beginning you have to figure out which authors you like and which you don’t. But when you only read authors/books you really like, you will definitely see that it is gets easier to make time for reading every single day.

Also, I would like to mention that there are a few authors that are really popular that I don’t like. Don’t feel the pressure to read those books. You just can not like every single book and author

Join a bookclub

I’ve never joined a bookclub but I know that Zoella has a bookclub and it seems pretty fun to join. You can see more about this on the zoella instagram account. But it seems fun to start a bookclub. I’ve always wanted to do that. So maybe in the future.


Audiobooks is also a great way to read more. You can listen to books while you are cooking, working out, walking and when you are travelling. And you don’t have to bring your book or e-reader everywhere you go. You just need a phone and earphones.

Read before bedtime

This is the last tip but it is definitely my best tip. Every night a lot of people are spending time in front of their tv, phone or laptop. But it is so much better for you when you read before bed. The blue light from the screens can keep you awake longer but you don’t have a problem with that when you are reading a book. Also, when I read a book and I am already feeling a little bit tired I can even fall asleep immediately. Which is the best feeling ever. So instead of watching those realityshows, start reading.

How often do you read?

How to read more books

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