Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

Title: Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo
Starring: Marie Kondo
Producers: Michael McKenzie, Rachelle Mendez and more
Genre: Documentary
My Rating 9/10

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Sparking joy with Marie Kondo

You probably know who Marie Kondo is. In case you don’t know, she is someone who helps other people to declutter and organize their stuff. Now she is back with a new (short) series, which is still about organizing things but also about family, balance and letting go. In every episode, Marie visits someone who needs help, not just with organizing but also in other areas in their life.


On a normal Monday, I decided to watch this new Marie Kondo series and not much later I was planning how I would declutter my life and stuff. On Wednesday, I even woke up and I immediately started to declutter my beauty products. That is how powerful she is. After one episode she took over my brain and now I want to organize everything too.

I’ve never watched the original series about Marie Kondo and organizing stuff but I decided to watch this one first. The series is called sparking joy and I thought this was going to be about life and not organizing things. But it is still about organizing and creating more space in your life. But at the same time, it was also about letting go, balance life and family.

This series only had three episodes but it was definitely worth it to watch it. I love all of the three stories. In the first episode, it is about a family (business), the second one is about finding balance in work and life and the last one was about letting go. Lori has three children and the last two are off to college soon. That episode was my favourite and it made me cry. I loved that story.

If you need the motivation to declutter and clean up everything in your house, you should watch this. Or maybe watch the original series with Marie Kondo. It makes you want to organize everything, literally everything. Before I knew it, I was going through my own stuff and find what sparks joy for me or not. I still have to do a couple of things, like my closet. That is going to be a project. So I will keep that for another day. But it also feels really good to organize things. I am getting that old that I like to clean and organize. I am getting old.

But this series, especially the second episode, made me think about my own work/life balance. I am also thinking about work non-stop. So I used a few of Marie Kondo’s tips already. I put my laptop away when I am done with writing and all that. As a result, everything is less messy too. It also helps a little bit with a more balanced life. But I also have to fix that in my own head. That is something I want to work on too.

I can recommend this (short) series to everyone who loves to organize everything or to people who need the motivation to do it.



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