Reasons you should watch Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation Backyard sessions

Miley has been dominating the charts with her single ‘Flowers’ for months now and she recently released her new album ‘Endless summer vacation’, but that is not everything. You can also watch her perform a few of the songs from the album on Disney+. Years ago, she also did a backyard session where she performed a few songs including Jolene from Dolly Parton. That version is one of my favourites. To celebrate her new album she does it again. Of course, I had to watch it and I give you a few reasons why you should watch Miley Cyrus’ endless summer vacation backyard sessions too.

Reasons why you should watch Miley Cyrus’ Endless Vacation Backyard sessions

She is honest and real
I think Miley has also been one of my favourite female artists and I think she is an amazing artist and a beautiful person. During the docu/event, she talks about her songs and life a little bit and she is not afraid to show her emotions. She is extremely inspirational. I think too many people see her still as that kid who left Disney and discovered her wild side. But she is so much more than that. During the backyard sessions, you see a glimpse of that Miley. 

One of her songs ‘A thousand miles’ is for her sister. Miley talks about how her best friend’s sister committed suicide years ago and Miley can’t imagine how it is to miss her little sister Noah. It was super emotional and it made me cry too. Even when I am writing this, I get tears in my eyes. 

Her songs are great
When her album came out, the first thing I did when I woke up is listen to her new album. I have to say that there are quite a few songs that I love. I really like ‘A thousand miles’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Island’, ‘Muddy feet’, and ‘You’. And she performed most of my favourite songs. She also included ‘the climb’ which is a classic. Everyone knows that song. For some reason, I suddenly really understood the lyrics and it hit me hard this time. 

Summer vibes
This album is called Endless Summer vibes and I definitely got those summer vibes and it made me excited for summer again. It was extremely beautiful. Miley talked about how she can divide her album into an AM & PM side. The AM songs are upbeat and it was shot wonderfully during the day to emphasize that. The PM songs are calm or bangers, because evenings are for resting and partying. Island was shot during the sunset and that looked so beautiful on camera. It was the perfect vibe for that song. But also her outfits were pretty and beautiful. The backyard sessions definitely gave me those summer vibes.



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