Reasons why you should watch Wedding season on Netflix

Since I’ve became aware of how much Netflix I was watching, I decided to stop bingewatching and only watch the things I will really enjoy. That mostly means I will only watch romance movies. Those are the movies that make me happy.But not every movie is great, even romance movies can suck. But sometimes there will be a movie that I love and I just have to share it with everyone. This time I watched ‘Wedding season’ on Netflix and it was just amazing. I loved every single moment of it. Today I am sharing my reasons why you should watch Wedding season.

About the movie
This movie is about Asha and she is an indepedant indian woman. She is extremely busy with her job, but she is still single and her parent think it is time for a relationship. So they make a profile on an Indian dating site and she gets a date with Ravi. Asha does not want to go, she does not even like the fact her parents made her a profile on a dating site. But she goes anyway. The date does not go well. But not much later Asha thinks She and Ravi have to pretend they are dating. It is wedding season and this way they can avoid all the question why they are still single.

Reasons why you should watch Wedding season

Fake dating to lovers trope
It is probably one of my favourite tropes when it comes to books and movies. It is so obvious that they will end up with each other anyway, but it is still so cute and fun. I like when they pretend to like each other because it would make their parents happy and then eventually fall in love for real. In my opinion it is better than an enemies to lovers. Although I like that trope too, it is also kind of weird to start dating someone who was annoying or even bullying you. In this movie, they did not like each other at first, just based on first impressions. But then they start to get to know each other and realize the other person is not so bad after all.

It is a funny movie
A romance movie is even better when it has funny movies and it had definitely a few great and funny moments. And the jokes weren’t too much. Sometimes they go to far with the jokes, but this time it was just the right amount of jokes and funny moments. It is still a romance movie, you don’t want to have too many jokes because that could ruin the whole movie.

It is a romantic movie
As a huge fan of romance books and movies, I definitely liked this one. It was really cute and good. I really enjoyed it. Romance movies make me feel good and give me hope. When I watch a horror movie, I feel different. I feel more anxious. But watching a romance movie hits different, especially when it is good. And when everything feels bad in the ‘real’ world, you can watch this and forget about all of those problems.

The guy is cute
The woman who plays Asha is Pallavi Sharda and she is stunning, just like everyone in the movie. But I am a woman and I am straight, so I always look at the guys in a romance movie. And I can tell you that he looks good! In my opinion, another reason to watch the movie. But if you’re into women, the women in this movie are gorgeous too.

Indian weddings
I have never been to Indian weddings, so I am still not sure if this is how all Indian weddings look like, but it is so colourful and beautiful. And not just that, the music and the dancing is amazing too. You can really tell it is a celebration. They are celebrating love and life. It makes me happy to watch it. Maybe I should go to an Indian wedding one day. That would be a dream. It is so pretty and they really put effort into it. Weddings I’ve been to, were formal and most of the people were wearing black and/or white. It is pretty too, but different.



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