Reasons why I love fall

Reasons why I love fall
It is fall. Yay! I appreciate all seasons, but there is something about fall that I really like. When I think of fall, I think about sitting at home on a day off or an evening, listening to the rain and wind while drinking a cup of tea and reading a book. Fall is just a super cozy season and I am all here for it. There is so much to love about this season. During the fall in the last couple of years, I turned into a homebody and I just wanted to stay home all the time. But I think this year, I will spend more outside and enjoy it in a different way too.

Reasons why I love fall

Cozy sweater season. If there is something I really like, it will be a cozy sweater. I prefer an oversized one when I am just staying home on a day off. When I find the perfect sweater, I will probably wear it for several months until it gets too warm again.

Rainy day. Some people like to listen to bird sounds or wave sounds to calm themselves down. I like to listen to thunderstorms and rain. If I can stay home during a storm, I am the happiest woman on earth. It is such a big contrast though. Because the weather can be crazy and chaotic and I am just chilling on my couch. 

Blankets. For some reason, I need blankets in my life not just at night but also during the day. I work from home for the most part and during work I always have a blanket over my legs. It is super cozy.

Drinking tea. I am happy I live in a country where drinking tea is very popular and we have so many different kinds of tea flavors. My favorite ones are apple cinnamon and Caramelised pear. Those are the best. I also love the Chamomille tea. We even have tea flavors that are called: fall storm and winter glow. Those are great too. But fall is the perfect season to start drinking hot beverages again.

Beautiful nature. One of the reasons why I am going to kick myself out of the house every now and then is because nature looks so beautiful during this season. The leaves have all kinds of colors and it looks so beautiful. 

Fall fashion. Okay, I already mentioned cozy sweaters at the beginning, but I would also point out that the fashion colors during these months are the best. I took a test one time to find out what kind of colors look best on me. (I am an autumn/fall type) and darker warmer colors look great on me. So this is my favorite season to shop for new outfits.

Movie nights. I already have one weekly movie night and I really love it. But imagine doing this during a stormy evening. And if you pick the right movie, it is just amazing.

Reading season. I feel like fall is the perfect season to curl up on your couch or bed and read a book. I have too many books I still want to read and I am definitely trying to make that list a little bit shorter.

Baking season. I don’t do this often enough, but I am going to change that this season. I want to start baking and making new things. Plus if you do it right (and not burn it) your house will smell amazing and you have more food you can eat (during a movie night for example).

Crisp, cool air. Don’t get me wrong. I am more a fan of warmer temperatures but I can still appreciate these cooler days. My bedroom temperature is better and it smells different too. I like it.

Halloween. We don’t really celebrate it here, although some stores still sell a lot of Halloween things these days. I think this is the only time of the year I decided to read something creepy and have a horror movie night. Normally, I am more into romance and cute things. 

Gilmore Girl Season. I can’t not mention Gilmore Girls in a fall-related blog post. It is one of my comfort series. Normally, I never rewatch episodes or whole seasons I’ve already seen but for Gilmore Girls I make an exception.

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