I bought the perfect comfy reading chair

I bought the perfect comfy reading chair! I got something that was on my wishlist for weeks or even months now. But I like to be sure of something and I don’t buy things instantly. I also had my old furniture and I don’t have a lot of space in my small studio. I have space to sleep and sit basically. I wanted to wait till I got a real and bigger apartment before I bought this chair. But then someone wanted to have my old furniture and before I even knew it, it was gone. I even had to sit on my bed or the ground for a few days. But not much later, this beautiful chair got delivered.

This Papasan chair is so comfy and I think I am going to spend a lot of time in this chair during the colder months. It is the perfect chair to chill and relax. I can definitely see myself reading a book in this chair on a rainy day. I can definitely recommend a chair like this to everyone. Everyone wants to relax sometimes, maybe even after a hard day of work. And this one is big enough (113 cm) for me to curl up in my chair.

I am even writing this blog post from my comfy chair. The good thing about this chair is that I can put it at different angles. At this angle, you can sit pretty much upright, but at other angles, you can lean back. So when I am in the mood for something comfy, I can change the angle and relax even more.

I am happy with how everything worked out. I mean, I thought I had to wait for a few months before I could buy a chair like this one. And suddenly there was someone who needed furniture and I had the space for this new beautiful chair. And I have to say it was a pretty cheap one too. It cost me around 125 euros for this chair including the cushion, which is very cheap for a brand-new chair like this one.



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