Summer bucket list (2021)

It is (almost) summer and the weather is so lovely right now. That means it is time to make plans for the summer. Of course, we are still in a pandemic, A lot of things are possible at this moment, but I still want to be careful. I also have to work every single, since I didn’t plan any vacation. And I can’t take the day off for the next 8 -10 weeks either. That means I don’t always have a lot of time every single day for myself. But I still want to make it a fun summer! So this is my Summer bucket list for 2021. I will add more things later as soon I know my schedule for this summer.

And I will post updates on YouTube and/or here on my blog soon.

My summer bucket list

1. Watch European Championship. I just love football
2. Watch the Olympics – not all of it, that is just too much. I want to follow the women’s football tournament
3. Get my vaccination shots. It is almost my turn!
4. Make and try mocktails. I don’t drink alcohol
5. Go for a long bike ride or walk. Nature is beautiful and exercising is good for your body
6. Make ice cream. Vegan ice cream
7. Go shopping at Primark. Because it’s been over 1.5 years since I went shopping for the last time.
8. BBQ party. What is summer without a (vegan) BBQ party
9. Cinema. if there is a fun movie I want to see. Hope a fun movie comes out very soon.
10. Grow my business. I want to leave my part-time job soon.
11. Read 20-25 books
12. Make content for TikTok regularly 

Photo by Valerian KOo on Unsplash




  1. Banana nice cream with chocolate chunks is easy to make and so yummy What kind were you thinking of making?

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